Classroom Profiles

Classroom Profiles

C&C has updated its classroom technology “profiles” and has incorporated emerging technologies, feedback from faculty, and “lessons learned” over the past eight years into its renewal and replacement planning. There are five profiles (A+, B+, C+, C-3, or Flex); each profile is made up of a combination of various classroom technologies appropriate to the size, use, and physical attributes of the classroom (video capture and videoconferencing capabilities will be added to a select number of classrooms). C&C has assigned a profile to each general assignment classroom and the rooms will be upgraded per the plan and profile during the next four years.

Fundamental Classroom Standards

Based on interactions with the Classroom Technology Advisory group, the following fundamental standards are utilized when considering classroom technology enhancements and upgrades:

  • Classrooms must contain the capability to present materials from a wide variety of sources, including (at a minimum) VHS video, DVD, a personal computer, and the internet.
  • Classrooms must contain a chalkboard or whiteboard that is available and viewable at the same time digital or analog presentations are underway.
  • Classrooms must contain a combination of LCD projectors and/or lighting controls that allow students to take notes and view presentation material at the same time.
  • Classrooms must be "self service" thus allowing instruction to occur without the aid of student operators and without the delivery of equipment.
  • Based on the academic discipline, sound systems and data projection resolution requirements may drive certain classroom minimum standards.
  • All technology must be secured effectively as follows:
    • Projector mount must have (Chief) security mount screws and cable lock
    • All exposed cabinets should have locks
  • Podium to include the following items:
    • RGB interface for laptop, PC & document camera
    • Shelf for wireless keyboard/remote storage
    • Drawer for cable storage
    • Blu Ray Player
    • Document Camera on rollout drawer
    • PC Computer with wired keyboard/mouse drawer
    • Laptop input with AC, Net, Audio & Video (match Type A+ classroom standard)
    • Enough surface space for laptop and presenter notes
    • Annotation Panel
    • Connection plate side of stage (not over floor plates)
    • Ability to disconnect and have a working system without podium or podium components
  • Rack to be installed in prep room (behind stage) & include the following:
    • Necessary fans & power conditioning for all mounted units
    • All audio support & mixing
    • Extron based Digital Matrix Mixer
    • Extron based mixers, scalers and DA's as necessary
    • Preview monitor for all sources
    • VGA/HDMI/audio/AC input for laptop or other RGB sources
  • Multimedia Controller
    • Touch panel to control all sources
    • Controls Lutron light system
    • To include 8 hours of follow-up programming for adjustments 3 months after completion
    • User control screen & Administrator control screen
    • Network supported, viewed & controlled
    • Ability to display any source
  • Projection
    • 3 Projector system on matrix switcher for independent image display
    • Electrical for projectors has been installed
    • Smaller wireless touch panel to operate all sources with an dwithout functional podium
  • PA Sound & Program Sound
    • Wireless lapel microphone
    • Wireless hand microphone
    • RS232 controlled Mixer
    • Multiple amplifiers & speakers for quality Program audio as we as Mic audio
    • Program audio should be of good balanced stereo quality for movies
    • RF Transmitter for Assisted Listening
    • Line out for course capture devices
  • One full day for user & technician training
  • Warranty period for complete system
  • Remote lock system for cabinet doors to be controlled via RS232 and managed by multimedia control system

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