Flex Classroom Profile

Profile Flex

Profile Flex classrooms are dynamic teaching environments that contain an enhanced array of presentation technologies as well as a flexible room design.

  • Two - Motorized Projection Screens
  • VHS VCR/DVD Player
  • Stereo Sound System
  • Two - LCD Data Projector 4000 lumens
  • Two - Independent Points of Control
  • PC Computer
  • Wireless Network
  • Network Data Port (using Dynamic IP)
  • Campus Phone

A 4500 lumen (brightness measurement) LCD projector will allow faculty to project detailed presentations while room lights remain completely on (this technology enhancement is required due to the increasing complexity of digital presentations). The PC computer system will allow faculty to connect to any central service such as iLearn and iShare, and present instructional material (PowerPoint, scanned images, digital video) in ANY General Assignment classroom throughout campus.

The technology found in the Flex profile classrooms will be completely supported via the campus network. The multimedia controllers will be web-enabled, making them accessible to administrators for monitoring and assisting faculty. The PC computers will be maintained and supported through the campus network by a dedicated server.

With these enhanced network capabilities, faculty now have instant support when difficulties arise. The multimedia controllers have a HELP button that alerts the Multimedia Technologies Group requesting assistance. A campus phone was installed to support immediate communication between faculty and any computing support team. IP numbers are no longer an issue in classrooms. Laptops are supported via Dynamic IP, a system that automatically assigns an IP number and permits instant communication with the network. These classrooms also have wireless network capabilities. Students and instructors have access to online material at any time anywhere in the classroom.

Code Room Seats
Flex INTN 1002 80
Flex INTS 1121 45
Flex INTS 1125 30
Flex INTS 1130 30
Flex INTS 1132 30
Flex INTS 1134 30
Flex INTS 2130 30
Flex INTS 2132 30
Flex INTS 2136 30
Flex INTS 2138 30
Flex SURGE 171 46
Flex SURGE 172 46
Flex SURGE 173 46



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