LFSC 1500 Upgrade

Life Sciences 1500 gets upgraded!

LFSC 1500 Touch PanelThis Winter 2009 quarter, Computing & Communications completed a technology upgrade to the Life Sciences 1500 lecture hall. This new C+ profile, consists of a dual projection system, annotation panel, and dual touch panel controllers.

The lecture hall counts on two high powered LCD projectors, 6500 lumens! Faculty will now, more than ever, be able to mix and match sources such as: Computer & Laptop, Laptop & Document Camera, or Video & Computer. This becomes highly valuable for this faculty interested in using clickers software and posting the questions or lecture material on a second display. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to the display options, an annotation panel was integrated on the podium. This annotation panel acts as the computer monitor. Using software tools on the computer, faculty are able to annotate over any image displayed through the computer, as well as archive those annotations.

In order to provide a user friendly interface, the control panel was also upgraded. A touch panel controller replaced the push button controller, allowing more choices in selecting controls. In order to support faculty that are roaming across the front of the room, a second touch panel was added. This second touch panel mimics the podium panel and can be used simultaneously.

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