Profile M Enhanced

Profile M Enhanced

Those classrooms identified with a “M” code have been selected for enhanced movie playback capabilities. In addition to the technology found in profiles A+, B+, or C+, “M” code multi-media rooms will have a DVD/laserdisc player and a 5.1 surround sound system.

  • Projection Screen
  • Overhead Projector & Slide Projector
  • DVD Player & S-VHS VCR
  • 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
  • LCD Data Projector 4000-4700 lumens
  • Single Point of Control
  • PC Computer
  • Clicker Receivers
  • Wireless Network
  • Network Data Port (using Dynamic IP)
  • Campus Phone
  • Laserdisc Player

The system includes 5 top quality speakers with a bass unit that will project quality audio from all corners of the room. The bass unit was placed on the floor to allow for the necessary contact to project quality bass. This system is hooked up to our new LCD projectors that will display in any DVD, SVHS or Laserdisc picture format in the highest quality.

Code Room Seats
A+M HMNSS 1400 30
A+M Sproul 2364 24
A+M HMNSS 1503 71
A+M Spieth 2200 86
A+M Sproul 1340 84
A+M Sproul 2343 45
B+M Sproul 1102 100
M X Watkins 1000 170

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