Next Steps

Course Capture

Course capture devices would allows lecture audio, video and content to be archived on a schedule. This networked solution would automatically publish archived lectures allowing students to focus more on understanding the material being discussed, rather than having to take notes of everything said or presented on the projector.

This archive would be made available as a streaming file, or a podcast. As a podcast, students can download the file and view anytime, whether online or not.

Equipment Renewal & Replacement

Funding for equipment renewal will allow C&C to upgrade all classroom technology (the entire inventory of projectors, DVDs, etc.) as it becomes obsolete or fails during the next four years.


Videoconferencing and webconferencing provides instructors with a learning environment that is not restricted to interaction between faculty and students within a single physical location. The ability to interact and fully participate with scholars and students from across the hall, across the campus, or across the country provides opportunities for greatly enriching the instructional environment at UCR.

Dual Projection

Large lecture halls are particularly challenging to instructors who must often present material from multiple digital sources. Therefore, many rooms across campus will be enhanced with a SECOND projection system that provides instructors with capabilities similar to those found in C-3 lecture halls and our flex classrooms.

Importantly, as classrooms are upgraded during the next four years, C&C will carefully review each and every data projector removed from service. If possible, these projectors will be reconditioned and recertified for service. C&C therefore hopes to create a pool of projectors that can be redeployed to other classrooms that might benefit from dual projection capabilities.

Annotation Panel

The “write panel” is an interactive 18-inch device installed on a classroom podium or a multimedia cabinet. Faculty can use this device to "write" on a simulated "white board" and the material will be presented to the class via the data projector. The devices are quite flexible and permit the instructor (for example) to write “small” and present “large”.

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