2001-2004 Technology Readiness Plan

Based on this very tangible need, C&C (during the 99/00 budget cycle) prepared a detailed plan for moving forward with a comprehensive classroom technology upgrade. Highlights from this plan are as follows:

  • A detailed inventory was prepared, on a room-by-room basis, of all classroom technology deployed in UCR's general assignment classrooms.
  • Based on equipment age, faculty use, manual delivery of equipment, etc., C&C prepared a detailed proposal for upgrading all 50 classrooms over four years. This plan WOULD NOT be acted up on without specific input, guidance, and approval from a faculty advisory committee.
  • C&C prepared classroom technology "profiles" and incorporated these profiles into a renewal and replacement plan. There are four profiles (A, B, C, and X); each profile is made up of a combination of various classroom technologies appropriate to the size, use, and physical attributes of the classroom.
  • All of UCR's general assignment classrooms were assigned a profile and were scheduled for upgrades to that profile within four years.

A comprehensive equipment list was prepared and used as a "technical standard" for the renewal and replacement plan. This document includes preferred vendors, models, and technical specifications. The equipment list will also be presented to faculty as a "straw man" for input, advice, and guidance. However, once the standards document is approved, all technology deployed to campus general assignment classrooms will follow the agreed upon standards.

Technology Readiness Plan 2004 - 2008 details

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