Fall 2002 Survey Results

Question #1

Which best describes your academic role at UCR?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Professor 12 16.7%
Assoc. Professor 5 6.9%
Assist. Professor 12 16.7%
Lecturer 25 34.7%
Grad Student 18 25.0%
Total # of Responses: 72 100%

Question #2

Did the available technology (projector, sound system, document camera, etc.) in the classroom meet your pedagogical needs?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Completely 44 61.1%
Mostly 20 27.8%
Partially 8 11.1%
Not at All 0 0.0%
Total # of Responses 72 100%

Question #3

What additional technology would be needed to fully address your pedagogical needs?

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    Respones to Survey Question 3 (2002)

    Question #3 - What additional technology would be needed to fully address your pedagogical needs?

    Name Classroom(s) Comments
    Anonymous Watkins 1111, UNLH 1000 In Watkins 1111, a more friendly screen would be helpful. The one in there was difficult to manage.
    Gary Scott OLM 1116 Well, I never quite got the Internet thing to work: I'll try again next quarter.
    Anonymous STAT 2674 DVD player would be nice, but I know it's probably not practical at this point.
    Anonymous GEOL 1408 The blinds in the room are not really dark enough to project on the screen well on sunny days.
    Anonymous SPROUL 1102, Geol 1408 Fine in Sproul 1102. Microphone in GEOL 1408
    Brian Lanoil HMNSS 1501 Computer stations/ethernet drops at desks
    Anonymous PHYS 2104 Extension cord for overhead projector
    Anonymous HMNSS 1400, OLMH 1136 DVD players
    Leah Haimo -- Ability to hook up to web
    Brad Hyman UNLH 1000 none - it is overkill already
    Martin Camps OLMS 1127 A laptop
    Truby HMNSS 1401, HMNSS 1403 None at this time (Is there a CD/tape player good for lang.)
    Goodman OLMH 1212 More functional placement of screen for projection; document camera
    John Pinson HMNSS 1403, OLMH 1133 One of the rooms lacked DVD, HMNSS I think. I didn't need it, but I might have.
    Terry Spaise HMNSS 1406 Laptop connected to screen
    Anonymous 1340, 1503 1340 - remote batteries out & projector fuzzy
    Anonymous OLMH 1123 DVD player
    Jason Spangler SPROUL 2343, SPROUL 2364 None came to mind
    L Gericus HUM 1405 Muscical playback
    Shawn Stein SPRL 2365 DVD/CD player
    K Polster -- Education on LCD projector
    Anonymous SPROUL 2364, SPROUL 2343 DVD player
    John Bailey OLM 1133 A white board instead of a chalk board
    Anonymous SPROUL 2339 This particular room (because I required a DVD player to always be there) met my needs.
    Theda Shapiro SPR 2212 A slide projector was installed for me - it did not function very well (I reported this to Pat Knapik now).
    Scott Silverman PHYS 2104, Sproul 2340, Watkiins 1101 Dry erase boards. I hate chalk
    Traci Roberts OLMH 1127 The reason it didn't was I couldn't get it to work. I wanted to use my laptop w/ the projector but I could only get it to work once.
    Anonymous BOYCE 1471 Mic
    Anonymous Bourns A125 Better boards
    Peter Burke Watkins 1000 Wireless computer connection in room
    Studer SPROUL 1102 none
    I Chambers HMNSS 1403 At times having two overheads would have helped as a history T/A it is nice to show a map at the same time as a lecture
    Martin Johnson Watkins 1101 The media cabinet appeared to provide internet access but with no terminal - having complete web access would have been
    Anonymous UNLH 1000 N/A
    Anonymous HMNSS 1503, OLM 1212 I could not get the internet connections to work properly.
    Diana Stumpiac HMNSS 1401 DVD player
    Eugene Nothnagel LSP 2418, HMNSS 1400 It would be nice to have a permanent LCD projector in LSP 2418
    Hanneman Sproul 1102 Better lighting, sound, & temperature control
    Mazen Hashem WAT 1101 Internet access. Ideally my course (Soc 109) should be taught in a computer lab.
    Total # of Responses: 39

Question #4

Overall, have your classroom technology needs been satisfactorily met this quarter?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Completely 41 56.9%
Mostly 24 33.3%
Partially 7 9.7%
Not at All 0 0.0%
Total # of Responses 72 100%

Question #5

Are you aware of faculty development support services (e.g. Workshops, Luncheons, and instructional design assistance) that are available to help UCR faculty increase the use of instructional technology?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Completely 12 16.7%
Mostly 25 34.7%
Partially 22 30.6%
Not at All 13 18.1%
Total # of Responses 72 100%

Question #6

How frequent is your need for a "smart classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a permanent projection device, Internet connection, speakers, and multimedia capabilities; 100% indicates using the technology every lecture)?

Response # Received % of total Responses
100% 22 30.6%
75% 23 31.9%
50% 17 23.6%
25% 4 5.6%
Less than 25% 3 4.2%
Never 3 4.2%
Total # of Responses 72 100%

Question #7

How frequent is your need for a "computer classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a computer for every student or for a number of small groups of students, in addition to "smart classroom" capabilities)?

Response # Received % of total Responses
100% 5 6.9%
75% 5 6.9%
50% 8 11.1%
25% 14 19.4%
Less than 25% 18 25.0%
Never 22 30.6%
Total # of Responses 72 100%

Question #8

Do you have a "course web page" in Blackboard or a departmental/personal web site for your students with information on your course, syllabi, and requirements?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Yes, extensive Blackboard use 28 40.6%
Yes, limited Blackboard use 16 26.1%
Yes, other web site 2 2.9%
No 21 30.4%
Total # of Responses 69 100%

Question #9

>Do you use the above web site to present material to your students while in the classroom?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Yes, extensively 4 6.2%
Yes, but limited 12 18.5%
No, not at all 37 56.9%
I did not know I could do that 12 18.5%
Total # of Responses 65 100%

Question #10

Did the printed material in the classroom and available on the website (http://mediaresources.ucr.edu/classtech/workshop.html) provide the information you needed to use the equipment in the classroom?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Completely 13 21.3%
Mostly 16 26.2%
Partially 6 9.8%
Not at all 5 8.2
Unaware of material 21 34.4%
Total # of Responses 61 100%
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    Additional Comments to 2002 Survey

    Additional Comments:

    Anonymous Watkins 1111, UNLH 1000 The media services staff was extremely helpful to us this quarter. We appreciated the prompt response whenever we were in need of assistance. Thank you!. Particularly in UNLH 1000.
    Gary Scott OLM 1116

    The sheets need to mention Fn-F8 is sometimes necessary to bring up computer screen

    I am most pleased with the amazing customer service offered by this department. Technology when new, is not always reliable, so it's great to know that our technical support is reliable. This department should be a role model for other support services on this campus.

    Anonymous STAT 2674 Basically, I ended up using a projector & VCR hook up rather than the media cabinet. Service was wonderful - very happy with the student assts. I noticed that the media cabinet door was out of service, too.
    E Carr 2240 More DVD players!!!

    Margie Waller


    I still find the printed instructions cryptic. Once I had been shown by an operator - twice - I could follow them. Maybe you should have someone like me write down the steps as I understand them

    Anonymous GEOL 1408 Needed only overhead & slide projector
    Leah Haimo   Don't think there was printed material in the classroom
    Batteries in remote control did not work
    Rich Cardullo SPIETH 1307, OLMS 1126 Cables were missing on two occasions but were replaced both times.
    Brad Hyman UNLH 1000 Full time technician should be available to help with the myriad of glitches that occurred this quarter. I tried presenting from the web but the connection was much too slow. I converted everything to PowerPoint. The classroom is inappropriate for introductory majors courses. Call me if you would like to hear more.
    Anonymous OLMS 1132 Upgrades to this room were extremely helpful
    Martin Camps OLMS 1127 Thanks for your help!
    Truby HMNSS 1401, HMNSS 1403 I haven't invested time in this yet but would like to referring to computer classroom
    Goodman OLMH 1212 It would have been nice to know about the web site.
    John Pinson HMNSS 1403, OLMH 1133 I think DVD players are more necessary than video tape players.
    Andrew Chang PHYS 2111 The internet connection is very slow
    Jason Spangler SPROUL 2343, SPROUL 2364 I plan to make use of Blackboard next quarter
    L Gericus HUM 1405 You are doing a great job. It is a big improvement over the bad old days!
    Toby Gustafson LS 1500 Having the computer with internet connection & the projector was great!
    Shawn Stein SPRL 2365 shawn_stein@hotmail.com
    John Bailey OLM 1133 Was not a aware of such course, but would enjoy learning how to use technology with my laptop computer. Jpbailey@hotmail.com
    Anonymous SPROUL 2339 Thanks for providing the media services I needed to teach!
    Scott Silverman PHYS 2104, Sproul 2340, Watkiins 1101 Are there any ways to modify some of the settings in Blackboard, or is it set that way permanently (in Virtual Classroom - couldn't get web brows function to work)
    Traci Roberts OLMH 1127 tacijoroberts@yahoo.com
    Mary Cummins PRCE 3374 I will look up the media resouces web page to see how to use the web material in class - sounds helpful!
    Studer SPROUL 1102 Overhead is difficult to get out of the cabinet when wearing a dress (have to kneel down & reach back in cabinet). Is there a better
    K Hollis SPRL 2343 How do you lower the computer shelf?
    Martin Johnson Watkins 1101 martin.johnson@ucr.edu
    Anonymous SPTW 1307 Provide computers for Powerpoint applications
    Anonymous UNLH 1000 Instructor that used the classroom prior to my lectures left the place a mess!! Smart board not erased!!
    Carolyn Craig LS 1500, Boyce 1471, Bourns B118 I need a lot of hands on instruction.
    Eugene Nothnagel LSP 2418, HMNSS 1400 I use Blackboard for my Winter class
    Mazen Hashem WAT 1101 mhashem@citrus.ucr.edu (Soc)
    Total # of Responses: 32

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