Fall 2003 Survey Results

Question #1

Which best describes your academic role at UCR?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Professor 19 14%
Assoc. Professor 6 5%
Assist. Professor 22 17%
Lecturer 38 29%
Grad Student 48 36%
Total # of Responses: 133 100%

Question #2

Did the available technology (projector, sound system, document camera, etc.) in the classroom meet your pedagogical needs

Response # Received % of total Responses
Completely 90 67%
Mostly 36 27%
Partially 8 6%
Not at All 0 0.0%
Total # of Responses 134 100%

Question #3

What additional technology would be needed to fully address your pedagogical needs?

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    Response to Survey Question 3 (2003)

    Question #3 - What additional technology would be needed to fully address your pedagogical needs?

    Full Name Classroom Comments
    Anonymous Watkins 2141 3 Additional Technology Needed Projector, laserdisc, computer interface
    Henry Scotch UV8 Laser Disc Player
    Patrick Alcedo UV9 cables for compatibility with Macintosh
    Barbara Beaver UV10 two screens, one for computer and one for document camera would be nice, but probably impractical ($$)
    Tina Stavropoulos STAT 2674

    HMNSS 1401 (final)
    Projector in STAT
    Anonymous Watkins 2340 DVD player / Media projector
    Anonymous Watkins 1117 Internet cables (ethernet?) Some way to connect and a way to connect the laptop to projector
    Anonymous Geology 1408 Internet access
    Anonymous HMNSS 1501

    HMNSS 1502

    HMNSS 1503
    Laserdisc player in 1501
    Melissa Hurthiern Sproul 2364

    Olmsted 1126
    Nothing I can think of at this time
    Landon Piluso Boyce 1471 Reliable LCD projection equipment
    Anonymous Microphone and laser printer
    Kimberly Braun HMNSS 1403 Computer with Power Point
    Froehlich Spieth 2200

    Watkins 1111

    Watkins 2240
    Watkins 2240 needs projector
    N. Mehrmand Sproul 2351

    Sproul 2365
    DVD player
    Nigel Hughes CHASS 1502 Digital projector
    Anonymous Physics 2111 Well, it would be nice to have some laptops in the English Dept. so we could use the digital projector.
    Jon Schur 1208 Projector did not work twice
    Paul Beehle CD player / LCD projector
    Anonymous The lighting situation was a bit weird
    Ellen Finan Cassette recorder - I had to check it out
    Susan Carter Geology 1408 I would prefer more board space. There were problems with the system in Geology 1408
    Anonymous Sproul 1102 A PC
    Anonymous OLMH 1212 come with a monitor, floppy disk, cdrom
    M. Gauvain HMNSS 1501

    Olmsted 1212
    In HMNSS 1501 the mike was great but ran out of batteries quickly and I sometimes had trouble setting it up again right before class.
    A. mirande Watkins 1101 better instruction on how to work the video equipment.
    Tom Meixner Sproul 2360 Full whiteboard on projection area
    Anonymous LSP 2418 Permanent DVD player; ability to connect to network, project from laptop
    Jay Gan Geology 1408 Equipment is not stable and failed to work sometimes.
    George Haggerty 1407 Things didn't work when I tried to show a video
    Carol Moe Sproul 2212 better instructions
    Anonymous HMNSS 1501 A small screen by the equipment
    Anonymous LSP 2418 Don't know
    Anonymous Boyce 1471

    Phy 1204
    a desktop computer
    Tinling Olmsted 1132 question 1 role: Supervisor of Teacher Education

    would like laptop computer to use CDs
    Michael Foster HMNSS 1404

    Sproul 2339
    found that videos, etc. were not always as clear as I would have liked
    Anonymous HMNSS 1501 overhead projector
    Anonymous Sproul 2343 PC
    Telford Watkins 1101 Nothing I can think of
    Robert Beaver Boyce 14 I used the doc. camera / needs a table desk for camera.
    Mark Bynds Sproul 2365 Everything is fine!
    Henry Aronson Olmsted 1122 Batteries / unclear directions
    Brian Reilly HMNSS 1402 wireless internet
    Jean Arnold Sproul 2361

    Watkins 2141

    Olmsted 1132
    Overhead projector in Watkins 2141.  Repair overhead projector in Sproul 2361
    Jasleen Kohli Sproul 2365 A CD player would really help.
    Lynda Bell Sproul 2340 qstn 6: It depends on the class; some I need 100%, some not at all

    qstn 7: Haven't tried this but would like to.
    Kawai Tam Olmsted 1212 Screen automated would be helpful, one touch up and down.
    Anonymous Sproul 2340 Projector (computer)
    Anonymous Olmsted 1123 Projector; sound system; internet connection
    Miriam Lam HMNSS 1406

    Sproul 2386
    Battery checks!
    Anonymous LSP 2418 DVD player
    Anonymous Olmsted 1132 Better instructions!

Question #4

Overall, have your classroom technology needs been satisfactorily met this quarter?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Completely 85 63%
Mostly 41 31%
Partially 8 6%
Not at All 0 0.0%
Total # of Responses 134 100%

Question #5

Are you aware of faculty development support services (e.g. Workshops, Luncheons, and instructional design assistance) that are available to help UCR faculty increase the use of instructional technology?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Completely 24 18%
Mostly 44 34%
Partially 27 21%
Not at All 35 27%
Total # of Responses 130 100%

Question #6

How frequent is your need for a "smart classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a permanent projection device, Internet connection, speakers, and multimedia capabilities; 100% indicates using the technology every lecture)?

Response # Received % of total Responses
100% 44 33%
75% 25 19%
50% 26 20%
25% 19 14%
Less than 25% 15 11%
Never 4 3%
Total # of Responses 133

Question #7

How frequent is your need for a "computer classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a computer for every student or for a number of small groups of students, in addition to "smart classroom" capabilities)?

Response # Received % of total Responses
100% 10 8%
75% 8 6%
50% 16 12%
25% 9 7%
Less than 25% 37 28%
Never 51 39%
Total # of Responses 131 100%

Question #8

Do you have a "course web page" in Blackboard or a departmental/personal web site for your students with information on your course, syllabi, and requirements?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Yes, extensive Blackboard use 55 45%
Yes, limited Blackboard use 31 25%
Yes, other web site 8 7%
No 29 24%
Total # of Responses 123

Question #9

Do you use the above web site to present material to your students while in the classroom?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Yes, extensively 14 12%
Yes, but limited 25 21%
No, not at all 70 60%
I did not know I could do that 8 7%
Total # of Responses 117 100%

Question #10

Did the printed material in the classroom and available on the website (http://mediaresources.ucr.edu/classtech/workshop.html) provide the information you needed to use the equipment in the classroom?

Response # Received % of total Responses
Completely 50 41%
Mostly 35 29%
Partially 12 10%
Not at all 3 2%
Unaware of material 21 17%
Total # of Responses 121 100%
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    Additional Comments to 2003 Survey

    Additional Comments:

    Full Name Classroom Additional Comments
    S. Merritt UV8 use Blackboard extensively but not for this course
    Henry Scotch UV8 The person here helping our with the media equipment was a great help. The Instructional Technology consultant guy.
    Anonymous UV10 It's good! Thank you :)
    Sam Page UV10 Courtney Lee was very helpful and friendly!
    Chris Chase-Dunn UV8 Sometimes the computer terminal did not work and ditto the microphone
    D. Funder UV8 Much improved this year over last year. Support tech was available & helpful.
    Barbara Beaver UV10 she wrote on question 7: I don't use it now but might if it was available. We do this in labe - 2680 Stat Bldg.
    Anonymous UV9 Some classes I got feedback from microphone don't know why.
    Rosaleen Gibbons LS 1500

    Sproul 2339
    It was great that techs were readily available any time! Thanks
    Anonymous HMNSS 1501

    HMNSS 1502

    HMNSS 1503
    I realize that laserdisc is completely outmoded, but quite a few titles in the Media library are on LD. Ignore this if LD titles are going to be transferred to CD (?).
    Mark Frederick Sproul 2343

    Sproul 2360
    Very good equipment in those 2 rooms for my needs
    Guanshui Xu Sproul 2361 Would like to do question 9.
    Anonymous Physics 2111 regarding question 4: I had a terrible time getting the equipment changed over to use the VCR+ to get sound to go with the picture. I usually don't have a problem with the equipment. I think I just needed more instruction on the handout you give out.
    Jon Schur 1208 You need to have better service for evening class. We had the projector not work twice. We called to NO avail.
    Anonymous VGA connections are becoming necessary, though I haven't used them yet (as a luddite instructor)
    Susan Carter Geology 1408 I would love a schedule a class or two at different points of the quarter.

    Multimedia Technologies Group the support staff is fabulous. The janitorial service in Geology 1408 is terrible. The room is filthy, esp heavy chalk dust.

    Thank you for all your help!
    Chun-Ying Chiu STAT B165 I like the wireless keyboard & mouse
    Kelly Meyers-Wagner HMNSS 1404 Instructions were posted in Summer in cabinet and then by start of school (fall) they were missing and not replaced.
    Tim Allard Watkins 1111

    Olm 1116

    Olm 1132
    Only problem - power on/off for overhead stopped working in Wat 1111
    Stefano Lonardi OLMH 1132 I had a few problems during the quarter with the projector.
    Christina Mar HMNS 1405

    OLM 1123
    the speakers in HMNSS are pretty bad - constant buzzing
    Ransom UNLH Only problem was a malfunction of a cable hook-up
    Sadler Sproul 1102 Ask the fire marshall about the pile of chairs at the front.
    Anonymous Watkins 1117 I would like to thank Israel for coming to my class at the beginning of fall quarter.

    Would like to do question 8 for winter.
    Anonymous Olmsted 1127

    Sproul 2365
    I always have a hard time showing video because I don't use the VCR that often.
    Carol Moe Sproul 2212 When I tried to show a movie, the music came in really loud but the speaking was really soft even though it worked fine at home and I didn't know how to fix the sound.
    Wagner Truppel Sproul 1340

    Olmsted 1212

    Bourns A-125
    Cabinets are often found unlocked. Also, occasionally equipment was found left on.
    Anonymous Boyce 1471

    Phy 1204
    I teach BSAD 170 an info class. I do need a computer (desktop) connected with overhead projection.
    Telford Watkins 1101 I tried to follow the instructions but needed assistance in showing me where everything was the first time.
    Robert Beaver Boyce 14 I will probably use a course website for W04. Can Bourns A125 doc. Camera be refigured for interactive writing (not just projection)?
    David Hinckley Olmsted 1116

    Olmsted 1133
    Good Job!
    Mark Bynds Sproul 2365 Thanks very much as always!
    Henry Aronson Olmsted 1122 takarag2@cox.net
    Jean Arnold Sproul 2361

    Watkins 2141

    Olmsted 1132
    I want to learn to use the laptop & Blackboard site in the classroom. jarnold500@aol.com
    Jasleen Kohli Sproul 2365 kohlij02@student.ucr.edu

    Faloutsos Sproul 2343 My needs are modest. I will think if having the tech available can inspire me to change tactics.
    Lynda Bell Sproul 2340 Keep up the great upgrades and service!
    Kawai Tam Olmsted 1212 As mentioned, one touch screen would be helpful when blackboard use is needed in between slides on LCD projector.
    Schmitt Sproul 2361

    Sproul 2339

    UT 1000

    Olmsted 1116
    You guys are great. Tech support oustanding. UT1000 has some quirks in settings...
    Anonymous LSP 2418 Very pleasant staff (Multimedia Technologies Group)
    Anonymous HMNSS 1406 Our class enjoyed the classroom technology overall. We could watch dvd's and video and listen to music. However, the projector did not work that well. Sometimes we experienced some difficulties in Audio system.
    Ertem Tuncel UCTH8 It took 10 weeks to fix the second whiteboard in the room. I wish I had a chance to use it earlier.

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