Fall 2009 Survey Results

Question 1

Which best describes your academic role at UCR?

All % of Total
Professor 43 28.8%
Assoc. Professor 15 10%
Assist. Professor 24 16.1%
Grad Student 40 26.8%
Lecturer 27 18.1%
Totals 149 100.0%

Question 2

Did the available technology (projector, sound system, document camera, etc.) in the classroom meet your pedagogical needs?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Completely 73 48.9% 18 2 14 16 23
Mostly 64 42.0% 22 13 8 8 12
Partially 11 7.3% 2 0 2 3 4
Not at all 1 0.6% 0 0 0 0 1
Totals 149 100.0% 42 15 24 27 40

90.9% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 3

What additional technology would be needed to fully address your pedagogical needs?

  • View respondents' remarks.
    Academic Role First Name Last Name Classroom Additional Technology Needed
    Lecturer David Livingston Sproul Really a great set-up ~ very pleased.
    Assist. Professor Todd Fiacco Bourns 118 a better cordless microphone
    Lecturer Sandi Fay BRNHL A125 Just a little better working document camera.
    Professor Juan Herrera CHASS INTS 4th floor got to learn how to us Blu-Ray
    Assoc. Professor James Tobias INTS 1121 The remote didn't work with the DVD. It's sometimes hard to cue a DVD to the right place using the control panel on the cabinet, so a remote that works easily and quickly is also required.
    Professor William Okamura INTN 1020 Smart Board display needs repair.
    Lecturer     Bourns B118, ENGR2 138 Please replace the microphone in Bourns B118 - it acted up all quarter which was extremely frustrating.
    Professor Kimberly Hammond Spieth 2200 I would rather have a screen on the side of boards so that there is more contiguous space for both projection and writing on the board.
      Goldberry Long Life Sciences 1500 Better acoustics! That room is horrible. Also, Blackboard is slow, cumbersome, and generally a pain.
    Lecturer     Arts 311 functioning printers and supplies, 3-button mouses, updated graphics cards
    Lecturer Daya Muralidharan UNLH 1000 Sometimes the white boards don't translate on the screen.
    Grad Student     EBUII 128 Projector, speakers
    Assoc. Professor Rob Latham OLMH 1136, SPTH 2200 ELMO Projector
    Grad Student Javier Santiago Ortiz Correa ENG-142, SPR 2359, SPR 2361 webcam and technology to be able to draw using the computer .
    Professor manuela martins-Green Life sciences 1500 just make sure the classroom has batteries for the microphone and the board is leaned every day
    Professor George Haggerty OLMH 121; Speth 2200 digital overhead;
    Professor Mohamed Ait Nouh B650 STAT and ENG 139 Video taping of my courses
    Grad Student Juan Zaragoza INTS 2138 A device that allows me to write notes (like a hitachi starboard) and show them using the projector. I also would benefit from software that allows the recording of these notes.
    Grad Student Nava Claire HMNSS 1402 see comments
    Professor     eng 11 room 138 the old version of Blackboard (iLearn)
    Professor Ken Barish Physics 2000 fixed camera was partially broken and additional movable camera needed (provided toward end of quarter).
    Grad Student     INTS 2130 and OLMH 1133 I utilize youtube, and sometimes the volume is too low.
    Professor Ashmore Wendy INTN 1002; Watkins 1350 not more technology, just ***TIME** to digest what's available and gain a fuller sense of the potentials
    Assoc. Professor Fred Wilhelm INTS 1002, INTS 1130 More White Board in the Large INTS Room
    Professor Randy Head INTS 1130 longer VGA cable available for laptop
    Professor Curt Burgess Bournes A125 It would be helpful to be able to use two LCDs - one from the Windoz machine and the other from my laptop
    Lecturer Hilja Keading 311 The 311 lab needs headphones, and the equipment needs to be maintained. (For example, the projector filter needs to be cleaned, and the flatscreen monitort 01 needs to be replaced
    Assist. Professor   Levy spieth 1307 i would love to have a remote mouse so i can walk away from the screen when using ppt presentations.
    Professor     Olmstead 1123 There were occasions when the system was very slow, impeding the pace of the class.
    Professor Pashaura Singh 3043 INTN, 1503 HMNSS computer in 3043 INTN
    Assist. Professor   Kotz Arts 335, 333 mostly just problems with breakdowns in Arts 335
    Lecturer Timothy Ballard HMNSS 1407, 1502, and SPR 2212 Usually had a problem wtih DVD machines: fast forwarding it to a different step
    Grad Student Alex   ENGR2 142, PHY 2104 None, all my needs are met.
    Professor     Watkins 1117 whiteboard - writing lots of equations with chalk on a blackboard is messy and I have an allergic reaction
    Assist. Professor     ENGR2 139, INTS 1130 Markers. Not really technologically advanced, but essential for writing on the board !
    Lecturer     INTS, Sproul blackboards - if that is technology
    Lecturer Judy Okamura Physics 2000  
    Grad Student Jeremy Owens UNLH 1000 and INTN 1020  
    Assist. Professor Aaron Seitz Watkins 1000 It would be helpful if the projector was brighter, not all of my slides could be clearly seen
    Assist. Professor Dana Simmons UNLH 1000  
    Professor     Eng II 138  
    Lecturer Gray Scott HMNSS 1407, SPR 1358, SPR 2212 The tech is okay for me, at the moment. I do miss having a key to the cabinet, though -- sometimes they're locked and I have to call for someone to unlock them.
    Assoc. Professor Yang Ye SPR 1340, HMNSS 1402 remote control (so I can walk around during Powerpoint presentation)
    Assist. Professor Elizabeth Cochran UNLH 1000 None known
    Grad Student     Olmstead 420 a cable to connect your laptop to the projector and a wireless mouse
    Lecturer Farrokh Moshiri intn 1020 smart boards have issues!
    Grad Student     Psychology 2102 A laser pointer; a clicker to advance Powerpoint slides so that instructors don't need to stand in front of the computer
    Professor David Glidden ENGR #2: 138 It might be useful to have an iPod/MP3 portal, for playing music. The classroom was often quite cold, in the mid 60s.
    Grad Student     SPR 2356, HMNSS 1218 White boards in SPR & computer system in HMNSS
      Lash Keith Vance Olm 1126; Wat 2141 better computers; were very slow booting up; I also could use a camera so I could easily display student work on the LCD without having to have scanned it in first.
    Assoc. Professor Susan Zieger 1503 HMNSS Document camera of the same quality as in CHASS INTS, not the portable ones.
    Professor Amnon Rapoport Surge 173 Door of cabinet was locked and I have not been issued a key. I had to cjange slides through the keyboard because the autimatic devide did not work.
    Professor Sally Ness HMLH 1000 Working technology
    Professor     OLMH 1116 white boards; faster processor
    Grad Student     OLMH 1127 document camera
    Assoc. Professor jennifer doyle HMNSS 1503 not tech - more lighting - need podium lights at front of room, and better low lights so students can take notes. controls for the latter are not at the front of the room. projection is nice, though!
    Grad Student     hmnss 1218, sproul, ints hmnss 1218 has no laptop to connect to the projector and if you cant get to the remote control- because someone didn't return it, the staff is at lunch, or its after the hist dept hours, they you can't use the screen. Further it take a good 10 minutes to
    Grad Student Sheetal Bharat Sproul 2343, 2340, 2339 (this quarter) all the grad students that I have spoken to hate chalk boards, and so do i
    Professor     Watkins 1000 lighting was very poor if you wanted to use the chalk/dry erase board
    Assist. Professor Jim Kelliher HMNSS 1501 The ability to sit in front of the class and use the computer to demonstrate the use of various software.
    Professor     Engr2 -142 white board markers
    Grad Student     Spth 1222; Wat 1117; Sproul 2364 white boards instead of chalk boards
    Grad Student Danielle Baron Sproul I taught a late class, and occasionally I would come in to show a film and the cabinet was locked.
    Assoc. Professor Rebecca Kugel 1102 Sproul more reliable microphone
    Professor Daphne Fairbairn Watkins 1101 microphone
    Professor Rollanda O'Connor Sproul 1102 All in working order every time.
    Professor Gareth Funning HMNSS 1501 I could imagine using dual projectors for some purposes (e.g. clicker questions)
    Grad Student Rory Moore HMNSS 1402 The projector color was not accurate, making it impossible to watch a film, and powerpoints looked odd.
    Professor Paul Quinton Comp Stat ?? / Biomed Human Physiology 232 A better projector with more light so that the classroom lights need not be dimmed so much. It would be a great addition to the classroom to have electronic feed back from each student compiled at the lecturn so that the professor could get immediate live
    Lecturer Sandra Baringer INTS 1125; Surge 171 some of the stuff in Surge 171 wasn't working at times
    Grad Student John Terrill OLMH 421 A second projector for dual display, as in the INTS classrooms
    Professor Jory Yarmoff Physics 2000 Department of Physics, University of California
    Professor m Waller Sproul upstairs is very hard to control and to search DVDs and this was a film course. DVD player did not work, so we used computer.
    Assist. Professor     Spieth Hall 2200 The room needs blinds fixed or black curtains so that students can watch films. They couldn't see the images nor read the subtitles because of the sun hitting the screen. Also the DVD player remote control didn't have batteries, and I had to replace them
    Assist. Professor Marsha Ing Sproul 1358 laser pointer, remote clicker (something that will automatically advance powerpoint slides without me standing right next to the machine the entire time)
    Assoc. Professor     1358 Sproul document camera (e.g., Elmo projector)
    Grad Student     EBUII 135 and 129 A projector. In my opinion, there is no excuse to not have a projector in an instructional computer lab. Instead of showing everyone at once, I have to show groups of students instruction over and over on my little computer monitor, which takes time away
    Professor Christine Chiarello Watkins 1000 Better lighting
    Assoc. Professor Lucille Chia 1503 HMNSS had to continue pushing for a smaller screen that didn't cover the entire whiteboard
    Assoc. Professor Morris Maduro LFSC 1500, Spth 2200 see notes below.
    Professor James A. Parr random assignments, usually SPR & CHASS multi-region DVD player
    Professor     Sproul 1102, HMSS 1404 Not additional, just always working and in good repair

Question 4

Overall, have your classroom technology needs been satisfactorily met this quarter?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Completely 70 47.2% 20 2 13 15 20
Mostly 68 45.9% 21 12 9 10 17
Partially 10 6.7% 2 1 2 2 3
Not at all 0 0.0% 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 148 100.0% 43 15 24 27 40

93.1% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 5

Are you aware of faculty development support services (e.g. Workshops, Luncheons, instructional design assistance) that are available to help UCR faculty increase the use of instructional technology?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Completely 54 36.4% 21 5 10 10 7
Mostly 54 36.4% 16 5 9 11 12
Partially 27 18.2% 3 5 3 4 12
Not at all 13 8.7% 2 0 2 1 8
Totals 148 100.0% 42 15 24 26 39

72.8% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 6

How frequent is your need for a "Smart Classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a permanent projection device, Internet connection, speakers, and multimedia capabilities; 100% indicates using the technology every lecture)?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
100% 73 49.6% 22 4 13 14 18
75% 36 24.4% 8 5 3 5 15
50% 18 12.2% 2 5 3 5 3
25% 10 6.8% 4 0 2 0 4
Less than 25% 7 4.7% 1 1 3 2 0
Never 3 2% 3 0 0 0 0
Totals 147 100.0% 40 15 24 26 40

74% of respondents answered 75% or 100% of the time.

Question 7

How frequent is your need for a "computer classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a computer for every student or for a number of small groups of students, in addition to "smart classroom" capabilities)?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
100% 10 6.7% 4 1 0 2 3
75% 9 6% 2 1 1 3 2
50% 8 5.4% 1 0 2 2 2
25% 16 10.8% 6 3 1 1 5
Less than 25% 45 30.4% 13 4 9 9 9
Never 60 40.5% 15 6 11 9 19
Totals 148 100.0% 41 15 24 27 40

Question 8

Do you have a "course web page" in Blackboard or a departmental/personal web site for your students with information on your course, syllabi, and requirements?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Yes, extensive Blackboard use 111 75% 36 10 12 20 31
Yes, limited Blackboard use 23 15.5% 2 3 7 5 6
Yes, other web site 11 7.4% 2 2 4 1 2
No 3 2% 1 0 1 0 1
Totals 148 100.0% 41 15 24 26 40

90.5% of respondents use Blackboard.

Question 9

Do you use the above web site to present material to your students while in the classroom?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Yes, extensively 34 23.1% 4 4 1 10 15
Yes, but limited 67 45.5% 17 10 13 11 16
No, not at all 37 25.1% 13 0 10 6 8
I did not know I could do that 9 6.1% 7 1 0 0 1
Totals 147 100.0% 41 15 24 27 40

Question 10

Did the instructions in the media cabinet and the materials available on the website (http://classrooms.ucr.edu) provide the information you needed to use the equipment in the classroom?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Completely 33 22.6% 9 3 3 8 10
Mostly 68 46.5% 17 9 15 12 15
Partially 8 5.4% 3 0 1 2 2
Not at all 2 1.3% 0 0 1 1 0
Unaware of material 35 23.9% 11 3 4 4 13
Totals 146 100.0% 40 15 24 27 40

69.1% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 11

Did you find the HELP button on the multimedia controller helpful and was technical support provided in a timely manner?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Completely 65 47.7% 20 7 12 11 15
Mostly 42 30.8% 12 6 6 8 10
Partially 14 10.2% 5 1 2 2 4
Not at all 15 11% 2 0 3 3 7
Totals 136 100.0% 39 14 23 24 36

78.3% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 12

If you used the audience response system (clickers) in the classroom, what one thing (positive or negative) about its use merits comments?

  • View respondents' remarks.
    Academic Role Classroom Full Name Clicker Comments
    Professor INTN 1020 William Okamura Students continue to exhibit uneven participation and I have not yet achieved complete satisfaction in terms of its untility (I'm still experimenting).
      Life Sciences 1500 Goldberry Long Time. It takes too long to get them out, get the question set up, have the students respond.
    Professor Life sciences 1500 manuela martins-Green To be able to put the clicker page up at the same time I show my question from my power point. Right now I can only do that if I bring my own computer to the classroom.
    Professor B650 STAT and ENG 139 Mohamed Ait Nouh Excellent
    Grad Student INTS 2138 Juan Zaragoza I didn't use them, but a negative feature is that they can only be used for individual activities.
    Professor Physics 2000 Ken Barish problems with students claiming clickres don't work. Usually battery or other problems with their clickers.
    Professor Bournes A125 Curt Burgess ability to instantly diagnose knowledge problems with the class. allows me to immediately change what I'm doing if need be.
    Professor Life Sciences 1500 Brad Hyman takes too much content time; cheating (students bringing in two clickers) is rampant)
    Professor 3043 INTN, 1503 HMNSS Pashaura Singh Sometimes the clickers did not record the students' reponses
    Assoc. Professor INTS 1020 Todd Sorensen There were a couple of days when they receiver was not working.
    Assist. Professor Watkins 1000 Aaron Seitz Overall, clickers were great. However, there was one time where students numbers were being registered before they entered their responses and other times where students responses weren't registered.
    Lecturer Sproul David Livingston Nice ~ used often.
    Assist. Professor UNLH 1000 Elizabeth Cochran Generally a fun way to get feedback in large classes.
    Professor HMLH 1000 Sally Ness Using it for anything beyond extra credit creates too much work for TAs; too many glitches.
    Professor Watkins 1000 Anonymous immediate feedback on concepts presented in lecture
    Lecturer UNLH 1000 Anonymous great way to break up long lectures (TR classes)
    Professor Watkins 1101 Daphne Fairbairn Promotes discussion and interactions in the classroom.
    Professor HMNSS 1501 Gareth Funning I think they are useful, but are still too expensive for all of the students to purchase. There were also a number of problems with the sensors and students' handsets that showed that the system is still not infallible
    Professor Comp Stat ?? / Biomed Human Physiology 232 Paul Quinton Did not have, but would really like to have this technology.
    Professor Physics 2000 Jory Yarmoff The students love it - it's a game for them.
    Grad Student HMNSS 1407, HMNSS 1502, SPROUL 2364 Anonymous Some students clickers weren't responsive and it wasn't battery realated.
    Professor Phys 2000 Wimpenny It periodically needs to be cold started to get it going properly
    Professor Watkins 1000 Christine Chiarello Students appreciate this; but when clickers don't register properly this creates problems.
    Assoc. Professor LFSC 1500, Spth 2200 Morris Maduro being able to more easily use two screens - see below.
  • View respondents' additional comments.
    Academic Role Classroom Full Name Additional Comments
    Lecturer INTN 1002, SPTH 2200 Kris Miller The more interactive the lecture the better for me. Ideally I would love to have a computer for every student (or even one per small group of students) and be able to project a particular student's (or group's) work on the big screen at times. Unfortunate
    Grad Student INTS 1128 Anonymous In the last two weeks, the class experienced movie viewing problems. In week 9, the DVD player would not disable 'English for hearing-impaired' mode. In week 10, there was no sound when the DVD player was used.
    Professor INTN 1020 William Okamura The Smart Board display definitely needs improvement (lines are missing etc all too often). The magic markers for the white boards are often poor--it is imperataive that the instructor brings his/her own fresh markers. Your office just can't/doesn't keep
    Lecturer INTN 1020, ENGR 2138 Rob Lam The smart boards in INTN 1020 were not working well. Often the writing or graphs on the board are distorted when projected on the screen.
    Lecturer UNLH 1000 Daya Muralidharan The white boards in the room translate clearly to the screen only when the markers are new. The markers need to be replaced with more regularity.
    Grad Student ENG-142, SPR 2359, SPR 2361 Javier Santiago Ortiz Correa It would be nice if the classrooms are cleaned and if the blackboards and chalkboards are replaced in all the classrooms at SPR. It is sort of frustrating going to a classroom plenty of dust and dirt all over the equipments.
    Professor Life sciences 1500 manuela martins-Green Please make sure that the board in the UNL work all the time without problems. In past I have taught there and towards the end of the quarter the eraser writes instead of erasing and the writing shows incomplete letters. This is very frustrating. I am slo
    Lecturer Bourns 118 Clyde L. Webster Jr. Considering the number of individuals served by your department, I personally am pleased with the level of service that I have had. Thank You! Visiting Professor of Chemistry
    Professor B650 STAT and ENG 139 Mohamed Ait Nouh Thank you for assisting me the first week of each quarter. That was really nice ! thank you for Podcast. It will be ideal if you can add Video Cast of the class.
    Grad Student INTS 2138 Juan Zaragoza I would like to implement the use of clickers during a summer class, but only for group activities.
    Grad Student HMNSS 1402 Nava Claire the technology was usually good, but there seemed to be internal conflicts between versions of Windows - esp. when loading spreadsheets or doc/docx files. Otherwise, great job!
    Professor eng 11 room 138 Anonymous The new version of Blackboard is slow and confusing. I awsted a lot of time with it. can we go abck to the previous version which worked fine.
    Professor life sciences 1500 Chris Amrhein The main projector was sort of balky. Approximately three times during the quarter it would start to turn on and then stall. This required a call for a tech person. Also, the monitor is never properly configured on first start up. It took me a while to fi
    Assist. Professor   Anonymous We need better support for faculty. The "generic" phone number that is provided for the helpdesk is indicative of the lack of support. I call that number several times this term and all I get is a voice recorded message. I end up having to email the suppo
    Grad Student INTS 2130 and OLMH 1133 Anonymous I recently subbed in classroom HMNSS 1106 and noticed that the DVD remote was missing. Otherwise I've never had any trouble in any of my classrooms and tech support has been quick.
    Professor INTN 1002; Watkins 1350 Ashmore Wendy Re: question 5 and 10: there's a LOT of information available; I appreciate and still have the handouts from the one workshop I went to, but getting to workshops and the like are difficult for me (health reasons constrain time and mobility); the web resou
    Assoc. Professor INTS 1002, INTS 1130 Fred Wilhelm Money Needs to be spent on Boards and Lights--NOT on Technology
    Professor Bournes A125 Curt Burgess I can't say enough good things about all the staff. Leo, of course, great help. Siddiq was a ton of help and frankly nursemaided me through things a couple times both hardware and software. Israel was always responsive.
    Lecturer 311 Hilja Keading There is a metal plate used currently for a doorstop for rm. 311. This is a 100% liability. Several students each quarter trip over this plate. It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN someone is going to get hurt. I have notified the staff several times per qu
    Grad Student SPR 2356 Sean Corbin The monitor in this room didn't swivel far enough. Could be placed better.
    Professor Life Sciences 1500 Brad Hyman When I had problems, the help line was very responsive.
    Grad Student INTS classroom Debbie Sims I use the technology everyday and find it completely satisfactory. I find Blackboard problematic because my curriculum changes slightly each quarter but I often use the same materials but, instead of having one main site I can refine over the years, I hav
    Professor 3043 INTN, 1503 HMNSS Pashaura Singh On the whole I am quite satisfied with media facilities
    Lecturer LFSC 1500; INTS 1121 heidi waltz INTS 1121: it's a pain that I cannot put the screens up without turning off the equipment? Blackboard : I need help with the grade book - who could help me Thank you
    Lecturer HMNSS 1407, 1502, and SPR 2212 Timothy Ballard I only used DVD a couple of times and computer once. In each class, I should have gotten a remote for the DVD, and should have called you about the problems, but since I used it so rarely, I didn't. Sorry.
    Grad Student ENGR2 142, PHY 2104 Alex I have never had any problems with the classroom technology services. I use my computer in every lecture and it has been working very well. No complaints.
    Professor Watkins 1117 Anonymous in many classrooms I can't use the projector screen and blackboard at the same time, making it hard for students to see the effect of their clicker while also seeing material I've written on the board.
    Assist. Professor Phys 2000 Eliana Zoque The smart board in phy 2000 is really the only way to make sure that all the students can see what I write, unfortunately sometimes it does not work properly.
    Assist. Professor ENGR2 139, INTS 1130 Anonymous When instruction started in Winter 1010, the laptop hookup in ENGR2 139 was not working, and I was given a few days as a resolution time. That is a problem, especially for courses where the instructor uses their laptop (which is what I do all the time). R
    Assist. Professor Watkins 1000 Aaron Seitz I used the video podcast system. This system suffered from chronic problems where there was a delay between the sound and the video. Also there was one lecture that wasn't recorded at all. The students were very eager to use these podcasts but it was frus
    Assist. Professor UNLH 1000 Dana Simmons I am extremely grateful to Media Services for their wonderful work. I was able to implement a new instructional design using small groups with UCR laptops in discussion sections thanks to their extraordinary efforts. The combination of small-scale access
    Lecturer HMNSS 1407, SPR 1358, SPR 2212 Gray Scott My only two concerns about the tech services you provide are due more to budgetary realities than to your own policies, I suspect. Concern #1 is that having to call to have the media cabinets unlocked (though I only have to do it about once per quarter pe
    Assoc. Professor SPR 1340, HMNSS 1402 Yang Ye For some reason (I'm unsure) the computer in HMNSS 1402 works slowly (for me to get onto iLearn), but maybe it's because of the class time (12:30-2). I never had any problem at SPR 1340 (9:40-11).
    Lecturer Sproul David Livingston Enjoy working with your staff, friendly! Resourceful.
    Assist. Professor Bourns 118 Todd Fiacco Bourns 118 has historically had intermittent audio problems. Students have complained about this for awhile but the problem has persisted. The audio will click off, and then the students cannot hear the professor anymore. This can happen at any time. The
    Lecturer BRNHL A125 Sandi Fay I'd liked having the podcast. Students would use it for review and when they were ill and couldn't come to class.
    Professor CHASS INTS 4th floor Juan Herrera I justr need to run the systrem and learn it
    Lecturer Sproul 2340, Watkins 2141, INTS 1134 Dwight Yates Sorry for the delay in responding. I have two evening classes in the spring (6 to 9) and will try to use tech in the first hour so that your runners can lock up when they make their rounds.
    Assoc. Professor INTS 1121 James Tobias It's so reassuring and helpful that our media services keep getting better all the time, going from strength to strength. Thanks for all you do, jt
    Professor Physics 2000 Brad Mullens I appreciated the orientation meeting for that room and the accessibility of personnel for troubleshooting.
    Assist. Professor UNLH 1000 Elizabeth Cochran Dry-erase markers for white boards are often in poor shape especially part way through the quarter. And, the 'translation' of text from the white board to the projector is not great, e.g. my writing looks even more illegible on the projected screen!
    Grad Student Psychology 2102 Anonymous The classroom was great, but there was no instructional manual for the multimedia devices.
    Professor ENGR #2: 138 David Glidden I loved this classroom and wish I could teach more courses in it. There were a few glitches with the controls for quickly showing DVD clips or music clips from a CD. But I sorely wish all UCR classrooms were as learning friendly.
    Professor Surge 173 Amnon Rapoport See above. My impression was that the equipment was not periodically checked during the quarter.
    Professor HMLH 1000 Sally Ness I very much appreciate the supportive efforts of the IT staff. The equipment is not in great shape, especially the smart boards at present, but what can be done by way of assistance is certainly being done as well as possible. Thanks!!
    Professor OLMH 1116 Anonymous the processor thing isn't a nitpick; that computer took quite some time to boot up and respond to the things i needed it to do. it doesn't multitask all that well, either. the reason i didn't use iLearn much in class was because of that reaction time (als
    Assoc. Professor Engineering II room 138 Anonymous There are still problems especially when a seminar speaker uses Mac for presentation. Our concern is that when we called your staff to help the connection, the staff (probably a student) did not come on time. Instead, we found the staff chatting with his
    Professor Watkins 1000 Anonymous Alot of complaints by students. Takes significant time by TAs to work out problems.
    Assist. Professor HMNSS 1501 Jim Kelliher Question 10 should include an option that says "not needed." Because of my answer to number 3, my actual need this year in number 6 was more like 25%. But my need next year (it looks like I will be teaching two classes in which I could really use the tech
    Grad Student 214 Anonymous I actually am not teaching this quarter. I TA'd in the fall.
    Grad Student Spth 1222; Wat 1117; Sproul 2364 Anonymous I know we don't have money right now, but some classroom updates would be appreciated. White boards, enough desks, classrooms that are better shaped for teaching. I also really like moveable chairs/desks for group work.
    Professor Bourn B118 Leland Y. Wilson Classroom Technology has been very important for helping me conduct classes. I use PowerPoint presentations. Technical support has been provided very quickly when I have made phone calls to 23045. Thank you. Furthermore, the use of Blackboard for a class
    Professor Watkins 1101 Daphne Fairbairn I find the clickers to be an excellent addition to my teaching repertoire. I use them to encourage students to think more deeply about the topics during class and to discuss ideas with their peers. I also give students the opportunity to argue in favor of
    Assist. Professor STAT / COMP 2674 James Flegal Most of my classes will be taught on the blackboard. Some of the rooms I have taught in have boards that are in TERRIBLE shape, like writing on the sidewalk. The boards in STAT 2674 are in good shape, but rooms I have used in Ohmstead are very poor. A num
    Professor Sproul 1102 Rollanda O'Connor Thanks to the very prompt assistance when something wasn't working (usually the microphone)
    Grad Student HMNSS 1402 Rory Moore I should have called about the projector but just ended up reworking my teaching plans. You may wish to take a look at it prior to next quarter.
    Professor Comp Stat ?? / Biomed Human Physiology 232 Paul Quinton I give most of my lectures from UCSD via the Synchronous Distance Learning facility. The technology at UCSD is strong. The technical support at UCR has been very reliable and accomodating for which I am very appreciative. The equipment in the classroom at
    Professor Physics 2000 Jory Yarmoff The wireless keyboard and mouse on the computer were problematic most of the quarter, but they seem ok now.
    Lecturer LFSC 1500 Miriam Ziegler Mac laptop wouldn't project on righthand screen in LFSC 1500, only on lefthand screen -- not sure why not; Leo Schoest fiddled with it once and couldn't get it to work, either. The classroom PC doesn't show greek symbols correctly from Mac-created powerpo
    Grad Student Watkins, upstairs, ?? Mary Auxier You do a great job, UCR is better equipped than any school I've been at.
    Assist. Professor Spieth Hall 2200 Anonymous My major complaint with SPTH 2200 was the lack of blinds or curtains, not with the actual classroom technology, which worked fine. But without the maintenance of the blinds, all the fancy technology is useless.
    Professor Stat B650 Redak Media Resources must begin to more regularly check the equipment. Over the course of the quarter, I lost about 2 lectures worth of time waiting for MR staff to come and unlock the cabinet, fix a button, recable the computer, etc. I was told that somebody
    Assoc. Professor UNLH Len Mueller The state of the equipment in UNLH is appalling. Half the time the "smart" boards projected the writing crooked and other times they just didn't work. This reflected poorly on my class and I was very unhappy about it.
    Professor Watkins 1000 Christine Chiarello the lighting in Watkins 1000 is terrible. I know this is not technology per se, but there is no proper lighting for lecturn area. Need to dim the stage lights for students to see the slides, but then I can't see my notes!
    Assoc. Professor HMNSS 1501 Theda Shapiro The equipment in my classroom was not well-maintained and was difficult to use because of little available space. The wireless devices (keyboard and media control device) had used-up batteries or no batteries at all, and access to the connected keyboard i
    Assoc. Professor LFSC 1500, Spth 2200 Morris Maduro It is time to think about having two independent PCs in the larger lecture rooms. I really like being able to have Powerpoint on one screen and then clicker acquisition on another. In a large room with >200 students it is so difficult for the students to
    Lecturer Bourns B118, ENGR2 138 Anonymous Bourns B118 has been much better this year than last year!!!
    Grad Student   Lauren Schwartz It's difficult when the PowerPoint program cannot be open while trying to use a PowerPoint file in the Aquisition program.

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