Fall 2010 Survey Results

Question 1

Which best describes your academic role at UCR?

All % Total
Professor 33 28%
Assoc. Professor 24 20.3%
Assist. Professor 17 14.4%
Lecturer 26 22%
Grad Student 18 15.3%
Totals 118 100%

Question 2

Did the available technology (projector, sound system, document camera, etc.) in the classroom meet your pedagogical needs?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist. Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Completely 63 54% 17 9 9 19 8
Mostly 40 34% 11 9 6 6 7
Partially 13 11% 3 4 2 1 3
Not at all 3 1% 1 2 0 0 0
Totals 119 100% 32 24 17 26 18

88% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 3

What additional technology would be needed to fully address your pedagogical needs?

  • View respondents' remarks.
    Academic Role First Name Last Name Classroom Additional Technology Needed
    Grad Student Anonymous   INTS2130 A tablet pc that allows me to annotate pdf files.
    Professor Daniel Ozer INTN1020 Don't need new equipment--ongoing maintenance is crucial.
    Assoc. Professor Heidi Brayman Hackel Sproul Hall 1340 Faster connection
    Assoc. Professor Freya Schiwy Surge 171; Spieth 2200 Document camera
    Lecturer Anonymous   INTN1020 LFSC 1500 Blackboard type system where students can use cell phones instead of clickers
    Professor Marko Princevac LFSC1500 Something to clean the blackboard well
    Grad Student Anonymous     Computers are very slow when first turned on. Also, they sometimes shut off without reason.
    Assoc. Professor Vivian-Lee Nyitray Bourns B118 The DVD player never seemed to work, so I use the computer's CD drive
    Assoc. Professor Rebecca Kugel Watkins 1101 Not sure; old fashioned chalkboard works for me
    Professor Anonymous   LFSC1500 NONE
    Professor Ludwig Bartels Spieth 2200 Working microphone, smarter setup of room so that blackboard and screen do not cover each other
    Lecturer Anonymous   UNLH 1000 NONE
    Professor Doug Mitchell Watkins 1111 I would have liked access to skype, but could use my laptop for that.
    Lecturer Anonymous   Watkins 1000, Sproul 1340, BRNHL B118, etc Keeping the same staff, but providing whatever tech item THEY need because they deserve it for the great media service they provide.
    Assoc. Professor Anonymous   Have been in Sproul/HMNSS, and INTS/N Adapters for Mac, iPad, etc.
    Assoc. Professor Ben Bishin UV 3(?) one of the bog ones A screen that wasn't dark on the left side when I project my powerpoints, and microphones that work.
    Assist. Professor Anonymous   Watkins 1000 Watkins 1000 is a disaster-- the heating system is horrible, and the audio/visual equipment needs to be updated.
    Professor Anonymous   UNLH1000 Once in a while the computer crashed, the sound system crashed, or the lights went off(!). Good systems; but could use more stability.
      Anonymous   UNLH Dual laptop input and routing to the screens
    Assist. Professor Chris Danes Eng2 143 The biggest problem was that 2 of 3 lights over the board were burnt out for approximately half of the quarter, and it took a very long time after the request was submitted before they were replaced. Also the whiteboard was rarely cleaned throughly.
    Professor Sally Ness UNLH1000 Better cables to connect the laptop to the projector; smartboards that don't distort the information
    Professor Michael E. Adams Engr II, Rm 138 Independent lighting of the white board
    Assoc. Professor Derek A. Burrill HMNSS, varied The dvd player didn't work at first, but then was fixed; otherwise I use a powerpoint every day, so the equipment was much appreciated. I'm not teaching this quarter, so the following responses are about Fall, 2010
    Assoc. Professor Yang Ye SPR1340 Remote control to turn powerpoint pages
    Lecturer Rob Lam Watkins 1000 N/A
    Assist. Professor Anonymous   UNLH 1000 This podium is laptop-unfriendly. The podium screen does not show the screen of the laptop, and the space on which to perch a laptop is limited. These two conditions makes seeing your own slides during lectures very difficult. The laptop cable is often also missing or placed someplace random in the back room.
    Professor Daphne Fairbairn ENG2 138 Laser pointer
    Lecturer Anonymous   STAT B650 none
    Assist. Professor Anonymous   MSE 113 and INTS 1112 Keynote programs installed; updated versions of powerpoint
    Assoc. Professor Rob Latham HMNSS 1501 ELMO projector; a DVD player that works
    Assoc. Professor Mimi Long HMNSS 1503 The console is behind a giant island that separates me from the students. when I join the students, I have trouble using the wireless mouse to navigate the powerpoint presentation.
    Lecturer Anonymous   HMNSS 1400, Sproul 2339 A DVD player that can play European DVDs for language classes!; it is also good when it is possible to use sound/listening without having to turn the projector on, would be helpful in language classes as well.
    Assoc. Professor Molly McGarry Watkins 1000 A reliable, working microphone; constant internet; better sound calibration for film and video clips
    Lecturer Sharon Burton OLMH 412 Bigger/better screen
    Lecturer Sandi Fay INTN1020 It would be nice to have the podcast include video as well
    Lecturer Anonymous   BRNHL B118 No additional technology needed, just better functioning technology.
    Assist. Professor Anonymous   Watkins 1101, SPR2212 Document camera
    Professor Ieland Y. Wilson INTN 1020 none
    Assoc. Professor Kevin Esterling UV9 The equipment was fine; I just needed a working projector and computer.The problem is that the equipment often did not work. For example, often the wireless keyboard did not connect to the computer and I had no way to open my slides. I frequently called media services but they would not fix the problem. There is a major problem with technology support (and other issues such as lapboards and scheduling for the final exam) with the UV 9. The different instructional support departments at UCR do not support this class room very well, and the theater management do not care or make any effort to provide support.
    Professor Anonymous     The less equipment, the better.
    Professor Bartels   Bourns B118 Proper ability to split screens to different sources, Clicker system too error prone.

    Assist. Professor

    Elizabeth Cochran University Village Theater The projector is really dim and/or has poor color contrast, so hardly any of the images/pictures on my slides are visible.
    Professor Jack Ratliff INTN 1020, Phy 2000 None, at present
    Assoc. Professor Anonymous   Life Science 1500 Microphone and sound system that works well & consistently
    Assist. Professor Johannes Endres INTS 1002 Soundquality (this is a movie class) is most classrooms(not in this though) can still improve
    Assist. Professor Anonymous   INTS 1125 Laser pointer
    Professor Carol Cranor Olmsted 1133 I had everything I would ordinarily need as long as I had a document reader.
    Professor Gaffney   HMNSS 3015? a mike
    Professor Anonymous   INTN 1020 Screen size difficult for those sitting in back of the classroom for large class sizes
    Assist. Professor Anonymous   MS&E 103 none
    Assoc. Professor Anonymous   ENGR2, 139 It would be nice if the entire area of projection were covered by a white board, so that I could "write" on the projeted slide. But this is minor
    Grad Student Rachel Neff OLM 1127 My blackboard has huge gouges in it and it is warped, which makes it difficult to write upon.
    Grad Student Sandeep Dhall PHY 2111 If I connect the laptop to the projector and show videos relevant, I need something to enhance the voice from the laptop.
    Grad Student Anonymous   INTS 2130 N/A
    Lecturer Anonymous   OLM 1122, OLM 1126 DVD player that can play DVD's from other zones- for language teaching
    Lecturer Anonymous   Statistics B650 none
    Assist. Professor Ruhi Khan Surge 110 A camera
    Professor Anonymous   HMNSS 1503 A hearing aid- for me to hear the students better
    Lecturer Anonymous   INTS 2136 Audio
    Professor Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya MSE 104 This room has met all my expectations
    Lecturer Anonymous   Sproul 1340 Promethean Board would be nice :-)
    Assoc. Professor Jack Ratliff Phy 2000 nothing
    Lecturer Anonymous   HMNSS 1400 and 1401 Overhead projector for objects
    Grad Student Patrick Randolph Olmsted The chalkboard was a mess. It should be replaced.
    Grad Student Anonymous   INTN 1006, Spieth 1307, Sproul 2361 Chalk~ cannot over-emphasize this + Eraser+Functional mike
    Grad Student Anonymous   SPR 2356 Computer with faster boot would be appreciated but realize difficulty with budgets
    Grad Student Anonymous   INTS 2130 Computers for individual students or groups of students would be helpful for group work and peer reviews of essay drafts.
    Professor M Gaffney HMNSS 1503 A hearing aid for me to hear the students; or a portable mike for them to use for me and each other.
    Grad Student Sarah Ryan 2360 Though not absolutely required, I'd love to learn how to use smart boards.

Question 4

Overall, have your classroom technology needs been satisfactorily met this quarter?

All % of Total Professor Assoc. Professor Assist. Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Completely 59 50% 17 9 7 16 9
Mostly 43 36% 9 10 7 9 7
Partially 14 12% 3 4 3 1 2
Not at all 2 2% 1 1 0 0 0
Totals 118 100% 30 24 17 26 18

86% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 5

Are you aware of faculty development support services (e.g. Workshops, Luncheons, instructional design assistance) that are available to help UCR faculty increase the use of instructional technology?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor

Assist. Professor

Lecturer Grad Student
Completely 28 24% 8 4 4 10 1
Mostly 49 42% 12 14 9 6 7
Partially 32 28% 8 4 4 9 7
Not at all 7 6% 2 2 0 0 3
Totals 116 100% 30 24 17 25 18

66% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 6

How frequent is your need for a "Smart Classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a permanent projection device, Internet connection, speakers, and multimedia capabilities; 100% indicates using the technology every lecture)?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist. Professor Lecturer Grad Student
100% 76 65% 21 17 11 19 7
75% 19 16% 4 4 3 4 4
50% 12 10% 3 1 2 1 4
25% 7 6% 2 0 1 2 2
Less than 25% 1 1% 0 1 0 0 0
Never 2 2% 1 1 0 0 0
Totals 117 100% 21 17 11 19 7

81% of respondents answered 75% or 100% of the time.

Question 7

How frequent is your need for a "computer classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a computer for every student or for a number of small groups of students, in addition to "smart classroom" capabilities)?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
100% 10 9% 3 0 4 3 0
75% 3 3% 0 0 0 3 0
50% 4 3% 0 0 1 1 2
25% 18 15% 3 5 3 2 4
Less than 25% 35 30% 11 6 5 7 5
Never 47 40% 14 13 4 9 7
Totals 117 100% 31 24 17 25 18

Question 8

Do you have a "course web page" in Blackboard or a departmental/personal web site for your students with information on your course, syllabi, and requirements?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Yes, extensive Blackboard use 86 73% 21 17 13 21 12
Yes, limited Blackboard use 28 24% 9 6 4 4 5
Yes, other web site 1 .5% 0 1 0 0 0
No 3 2.5% 1 0 0 1 1
Totals 118 100 31 24 17 26 18

97% of respondents use Blackboard.

Question 9

Do you use the above web site to present material to your students while in the classroom?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Yes, extensively 31 26% 9 5 5 6 5
Yes, but limited 34 29% 7 8 4 7 8
No, not at all 47 41% 14 10 8 12 2
I did not know I could do that 5 4% 1 1 0 1 2
Totals 119 100% 31 24 17 26 17

Question 10

Did the instructions in the media cabinet and the materials available on the website (http://classrooms.ucr.edu) provide the information you needed to use the equipment in the classroom?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Completely 34 29% 7 7 6 10 4
Mostly 48 41% 11 10 4 14 7
Partially 10 9% 5 1 3 0 1
Not at all 7 6% 2 4 0 0 1
Unaware of material 17 15% 4 2 4 2 5
Totals 116 100% 29 24 17 26 18

70% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 11

Did you find the HELP button on the multimedia controller helpful and was technical support provided in a timely manner?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student
Completely 65 60% 17 12 10 17 8
Mostly 21 19% 6 3 2 5 5
Partially 9 8% 3 3 3 0 0
Not at all 14 13% 3 5 1 1 3
Totals 109 100% 29 23 16 23 16

79% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 12

If you used the audience response system (clickers) in the classroom, what one thing (positive or negative) about its use merits comments?

  • View respondents' remarks.
    Academic Role Classroom Full Name Clicker Comments
    Assoc. Professor OLMH 1123, WAT 1111 Anonymous N/A
    Assoc. Professor Sproul Hall 1340 Heidi Brayman Hackel N/A
    Assoc. Professor Surge 171; Spieth 2200 Freya Schiwy N/A
    Lecturer INTN 1020; LFSC Anonymous Clickers are expensive at a time when it is hard for students to even afford tuition
    Grad Student Sproul 1102 Lauren The technology is great but the clicker devices are quite cheap and inefficient. Gaining the technology in the classrooms students can use downloadable apps for their mobile devices would greatly improve technological problems they encounter with the nearly obsolete devices.
    Professor LFSC 1500 Anonymous Student Engagement
    Professor SPTH 2200 Ludwig Bartels Worked nicely in this classroom
    Professor Watkins 1111 Doug Mitchell N/A
    Lecturer Watkins 1000; Sproul 1340; BRNHL B118, etc/ Anonymous People clicking for absent friends, some anti-fraud options would be great
    Assoc. Professor Have been in Sproul, HMNSS and INTS/N Anonymous n/a
    Assoc. Professor

    UV 3(?) one of the big ones.

    Ben Bishin Did not use.
    Professor UNLH 1000 Anonymous n/a
    Professor UNLH 1000 Sally Ness Did not use them
    Professor Engr II, Rm 138 Michael E. Adams N/A
    Assoc. Professor HMNSS 1503 Lucille Chia Is there any way to prevent instructors from writing on the screen???
    Lecturer LFSC 1500, BRNHL B118 Miriam Ziegler In the class where the clicker use "counts", Bourns B118, it's impossible with the current clicker system for the students to really find their response on-screen (too small) while still showing the question. It's a flaw in the whole clicker system, not in the available technology in the room.
    Lecturer Watkins 1100 Rob Lam N/A
    Professor ENG2 138 Daphne Fairbairn Wonderful way to create an interactive classroom environment. I love using the clickers!
    Assoc. Professor INTS 1020 Katherine Kinney It does enhance student participation and raise attendance significantly.
    Assoc. Professor HMNSS 1503 Mimi Long Did not use
    Assoc. Professor Watkins 1000 Molly McGarry N/A
    Lecturer INTN 1020 Sandi Fay N/A
    Lecturer INTN 1020 Anonymous helps identify common student misunderstandings
    Assist. Professor UNLH 1000 Rebekah Richert N/A
    Assoc. Professor UNLH 1000 Morris Maduro The newer RF models seem to allow the computer to acquire responses much faster.
    Professor Statistics B650 Eugene Nothnagel Keeps students engaged in active learning.
    Assoc. Professor UV9 Kevin Esterling UCR should require all students to purchase a clicker and keep it for their full time here. I don't use clickers enough to justify requiring students to purchase them( and I don't want to add extra clicker tasks to make them seem justified), but if I knew all students had one I could make use of them in my lectures.
    Professor Bourns B118 Bartels About 50% of students complaint about class are caused by clicker system
    Assist. Professor University Village Theater Elizabeth Cochran Great system-excellent for feedback on student learning.
    Professor INTN 1020; Phy 2000 Jack Ratliff N/A
    Assist. Professor INTS 1125 Anonymous Not used
    Professor HMNSS 3015? Gaffney Invariably, one or more students report clicker failure
    Professor INTN 1020 Anonymous Very helpful for large class size.
    Grad Student OLM 1127 Rachel /neff N/A
    Assist. Professor OLMH 1123, WAT 1111 Anonymous N/A
    Lecturer INTS 2136 Anonymous It is very effective as a tool for my teaching.
    Professor MSE 104 Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya I consider "clickers" as a positive thing
    Assoc. Professor Phy 2000 Jack Ratliff N/A
    Lecturer Speith 2200 Anonymous Haven't used it. Didn't know it existed
    Assist. Professor SPR 1102, INTS 1139 Anonymous N/A
    Grad Student INTS 1134 Anonymous N/A
    Grad Student INTN 1006, Spieth 1307, Sproul 2361 Anonymous N/A
    Grad Student SPR 2356 Anonymous N/A
    Grad Student PHY 2000, PSYCH 1213 Anonymous Improves student engagement and provides immediate feedback
    Professor HMNSS1503 M. Gaffney 1. Several students' clickers don't work every time, 2. My student aid has trouble fitting the questions on the screen- could you tutor him?
    Assoc. Professo Stat. B650 Zhuang-dan Guan More students came to lecture. But many just listen and did not work.
  • View respondents' additional comments.
    Academic Role Classroom Full Name Additional Comments
    Grad Student INTS 2130 Anonymous There was a problem with one of the LCD projectors in this room. It's a little blurry and not bright enough(making the images less visible to the students.
    Professor INTN 1020 Daniel Ozer My response to questions 6-11 apply ONLY to my Fall 2010 class in INTN 1020. My responses would have been very different with reference to other courses, or even this course with a smaller enrollment.
    Assoc. Professor Surge 171; Spieth 2200 Freya Schiwy While it is nice to have the technology available, the conditions in the classroom I taught in during the Fall 2010 were adverse, if not unacceptable. An overhead light that could not be turned off in Surge 171 interfered with projection, the seating in Speith did not allow for all students to adequetely view the entire screen. In addition the room could not be darkened sufficiently. In short, while the technology may be there and functional, it doesn't function if the rest of the room is inadequate.
    Professor LFSC 1500 Marko Princevac Blackboard (“greenboard”) was never clean. Given erasers basically just smear everything and the board gets whiter and whiter. I started to bring a wet towel with me for each lecture and that worked. Prior to the class I would clean the board completely with that towel.
    Assoc. Professor Bourns B118 Vivian-Lee Nyitray I dislike the hand held microphone as it makes me feel like Phil Donohue; I prefer the traveling mike. However, there are two kinds: the one with the alligator clip (good) and the one with the push-through lapel pin (bad). The latter doesn't work well until I wear a jacket (not a sweater, which could be punctured). Just something to think about when you purchase new ones!
    Assoc. Professor Watkins 1101 Rebecca Kugel Sorry this is such a negative survey. I find classroom technology works poorly and I am never free to take training sessions to learn to work it better. I just stick to older methods which seem to work well (students get a laugh out of my awful maps).
    Profesor Spth 2200 Ludwig Bartels The new cables are nice...
    Lecturer UNLH 1000 Anonymous Was pleased at the quick response of the tech personnel
    Professor MSE 113 Anonymous Constant breakdown of items in this room--microphone, screen, computer. I hope it was just a break in period.
    Lecturer Watkins 1000, Sproul 1340, BRNHL B118, Etc. Anonymous Isreal and his crew are personable, professional, and very prompt. I would hope that the same kind of thinking about "paying top for CEOs and top administrators lest we lose them and/or attract lesser talent" is also applied to them.
    Professor UNLH 1000 Anonymous Thanks for all your work!
    Professor Watkins 1000 Conrad Rudolph Multimedia Technologies was extremely helpful to me in learing to use Adobe Connect, something that turned a potentially disastrous quarter into a successful one.
      UNLH Anonymous The "smart" boards need to be better maintained. The project crooked and look horrible. Please have an Instructional Technology consultant contact me to discuss how I can further use technology in my teaching
    Assist. Professor Eng2 143 Chris Dames The biggest problem was that 2 of 3 lights over the board were burnt out for approximately half of the quarter, and it took a very long time after the request was submitted before they were replaced. Also the whiteboard was rarely cleaned thoroughly. These are mundane things but very important for a good classroom experience. The more sophisticated technologies, such as computer, network connection, and digital projector all worked very well for me.
    Professor Engr II,138 Michael E. Adams Would like to know about the possibility of independent lighting of the white board in this room. I like to use the board AND show Powerpoint at the same time.
    Professor Humanities 1503 Alicia Arrizon Great Job!
    Assoc. Professor HMNSS,varied Derek A. Burrill Thanks for all the hard work. I teach in MCS , so I use classroom tech constantly. I am very appreciative of the equipment and support!
    Assoc. Professor SPR 1340 Yang Ye I wish we could have a remote control to turn pages of Powerpoint files so I could walk around in the classroom. Without one, I'm tied to where the computer's mouse is.
    Lecturer LFSC 1500, Bourns B118 Miriam Ziegler I hate Bourns B118! Student should be able to see screens in the front of the room, where they can see the speaker at the same time, in same part of room where images are on-screen. And the low ceiling and room lay-out magnify student noise, and discourage attentiveness to instrutor. But I'm sure it won't be remodeled in our lifetimes.
    Assist. Professor UNLH 1000 Anonymous Not having a phone AT the podium in UNLH adds significant time to getting help. It's probably not possible to rewire this now, but future installations should avoid this. Also, the podium wobbles.
    Professor Eng2 138 Daphne Fairbairn The clickers are too expensve for the students. Could we not rent them on a quarterly basis at a much lower cost?
    Assoc. Professor INTS 1020 Katherine Kinney My only problem was an occasional problem with the laptop hookup. I use an apple power mac and keynote. Three times I couldn't get it to project what I was seeing on screen.
    Assist. Professor MSE 113 and INTS 1112 Anonymous 113 MSE had issues with its double projectors. For some reason one would turn on whole the other hadn't. There were also sound problems in INTS1112.
    Professor   Yingbo Hua For my courses, please make sure that there is a large whiteboard. I have been assigned very small rooms too small whiteboards several times, and I have had to make the change each time after the quarter started. Also, for each classroom, I prefer that the desks' orientation is facing the whiteboard. Thanks
        Gregory Palardy I recommend have a hearing impaired person on your planning committee. The University's classrooms are poorly designed and equiped for successful instruction by such an individual.
    Lecturer HMNSS 1400, Sproul 2339 Sabine Besides the computers etc, the blackboards should not be forgotten! They are sometimes in a deplorable state especially in Olmstead.
    Assoc. Professor Watkins 1000 Molly Mc Garry This classroom was an ongoing source of frustration for me and, no doubt, the students, who suffered through my constant refrain of "I'm sorry...we're having technical difficulties.." I taught this course two years ago in an INTS "smart classroom," which was a dream. Zero technical difficulties. Obviously, the older classrooms could use some help.
    Lecturer INTN 1020 Sandi Fay I didn't use the HELP button but I did call once in a while for assistance. The team was always responsive.
    Lecturer BRNHL B118 Anonymous I use the document camera and microphone in BRNHL B 118. During the Fall 2010 quarter, there were several instances when the document camera wasn't working correctly and I had to call media. They always came out right away and corrected the problem on the spot. The lapel microphone is a little spotty but I usually make it through the quarter without too much trouble.
    Assoc. Professor UNLH 1000 Morris Maduro The video switcher sometimes doesn't get vertical sync right when switching sources (at least, on the monitor) - occasionally one of the smart boards is put into alternative mouse pointer modes and it is not trivial to restore it to the way it is supposed to be - the wireless keyboard and mouse on the two computers (still) suffers from occasional lag, as well as instructors that may forget to recharge the mouse.
    Professor INTN 1020 Ieland Y. Wilson Technical support responded rapidly when I called on the phone.
    Professor Statistics B650 Eugene Nothnagel Students complain that they cannot see all of the blackboard if they sit in the front rows, i.e., if they sit in the left front they cannot see the blackboard in the right front, and vise versa.
    Professor   Anonymous Don't waste (our) money in this balloney-based "technology".
    Professor Olmsted 1133 Carol Cranor The only problem I had this quarter was that for one seminar the document reader was delivered to the wrong classroom, so we did not have use of it.
    Professor UV 8 Deborah Wong Given the fact that UV 8 is a movie theater(!), it would be great if the projector image could be bigger and brighter!
    Grad Student INTS2130 Anonymous Overall I'm really happy with the quality of the technology offered in the classrooms. Working with the dual projectors is an added bonus in the INTS building.
    Lecturer OLM 1122, OLM 1126 Anonymous My use of technology depends entirely on the class- in some, I need the computer every lesson, in others, only maybe 20% of the time. It is useful to be able to play sound without switching the projector on ( as not available in HMNSS) Also, how often are classroom computers checked for viruses? I picked up some repeatedly in my classrooms last quarter.
    Grad Student SPR 2364 Anonymous The technology is generally quite reliable. Thanks for all your good work.
    Assist. Professor OLMH 1123, WAT 1111 Anonymous I would love to try using a class with clickers. I think it might be a good way to check comprehension of material.
    Professor Surge 171 Frank Vahid Need to sound insulate between Surge 171 and 172. Whenever I played a video, the instructor next door would pound on the wall or come over. What's the point of good video/speakers if the can't be used :) Tables need wheels. Moving desk was hard. Would be nice if default arrangement wasn't lecture style but rather islands. Two screens were not comfortable. Would have preferred one screen in center. (Second screen for occasional display of different items could be off to the side). Whiteboards all around are great. Unlocked cabinet is very convinient. Response to help was great. Need webcams in the classroom for easy recording and / or guest lecture arrangements.
    Lecturer INTS 2130, INTS 2132, SPR 2364 Cynthia Tuell I made a folder on the desktop of the computers in each classroom wheere I stored downloaded materials (a few docs and pdfs). In one classroom someone deleted my folder and even deleted it from the Recycle Bin. I wish you could have a policy that teachers (or whoever) should leave other teachers' materials alone. They can be cleaned out at the end of the quarter. But let us use the technology as best we see fit.
    Professor MSE 104 Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya I thank Leo Schouest and Israel Fletes for their help and constructive explanations of all technical details related to the MSE 140 classroom and its technologies. I am very happy to teach in this "high-tech" classroom.
    Lecturer Sproul 2340 Anonymous The bulb in the projector seems to be getting a little dim.
    Assist. Professor SPR 1102, INTS 1139 Anonymous I'm generally rather impressed with the level of tech-classroom integration and primarily use computer-projector or laptop-projector in class.
    Grad Student INTS 1134 Anonymous The document camera is very poorly placed, which makes operating it much too awkward. Ideally, I could face the students while using it, but that is not currently possible. If the media cabinet were placed at hip-level in an island in the center of the classroom it would be more functional.
    Grad Student INTN 1006, Spieth 1307, Sproul 2361 Anonymous The one absolutely most underprovided "technology" is a decent board with quality writing-chalk. I also feeel that the repeated assignment of science classrooms (with sinks in the lecture hall podium) to social sci. classes very unhelpful.
    Grad Student SPR 2356 Anonymous Due to departmental photocopy restrictions I have cut paper use outside of exams out of the curriculum. Thus the smart classroom is absolutely essential to my teaching practice, I project extensive notes, do exercises, and/or use/ a/v every day.
    Grad Student OLMSTEAD 1123 Anonymous THIS ROOM NEEDS WHITE BOARDS. The one old, difficult to read chalkboard is almost entirely covered by the projector making it VERY difficult to present information to student.
    Grad Student PHY 2000, PSYCH 1213 Anonymous The lecture does not require computers but the section room (PSYCH 1213) is adapted to what we have. IF there were enough computers for each student, they may be used more frequently but since there are not, they are not. I was unaware of the website but the instructions at the consoles, etc. are usually sufficient. I really like the smart white bo
    Grad Student HMNSS 1406 Anonymous While I know that some of this is due to how the rooms are designed, being able to project images while still having access to the blackboard/ whiteboard would be useful.
    Lecturer ENGR2 138 BOYHL 1471, Surge 172, Surge 173 Anonymous The overhead projector in ENGR2 138 was difficult to figure out in how to collapse it to get it out of the way for my class after the previous instructor had used it. The LCD projectors in ENGR2 138 were sometimes temperamental in getting them both up and running.
    Assist. Professor WAT 1000, BRNHL A125 Eliana Zoque WAT 1000 is very inconvenient since the white boards have to be moved at the beginning of each class.
    Professor HMNSS 1503 M. Gaffney My aid is Jacob Kevari, econ.
    Assoc. Professor STAT B650 Zhuang-dan Guan I have big problems with the microphone in last two quarters--- actually every quarter. Last quarter, I had a problem at the first two lectures. The first one without sound even after changing several batteries and the second one with big noise that I have to turn it off. And I reported. Then it was ok for a week but had problem for another two lectures both without a broken sound system and a defeaning noise. Then I reported again. Then someone came and gave me a good picture for how to handle the sound system. Then it worked until the last week of class. The last week of class was the week for the evaluation and it is important for me. Then it did not work for the first lecture. I tried everything according to the picture, it still do not work. I report to the department. But the next lecture it still did not work and I called by using the in class phone. We discussed on the phone for a while since the assistant wanted to make sure that I did everything right. Then after a while an assistant came. He worked a while when I stopped my lecture. It did not work and he had to leave without fixing it after awhile. But minutes after he left the sound system came back itself! It was like that someone used a military electronic disturbing device just as in the Libya war! It happened the same thing in this quarter. It was wrong for the second lecture without sound system but a bad noise. I reported and it worked until the lecture in which we had the midterm review. I reported again. Then it worked until the last week when there is a class evaluation. This time I reported directly to Israel and in the last lecture an assistant came that it was ok.

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