Fall 2011 Survey Results

Question 1

Which best describes your academic role at UCR?

All % Total
Professor 45 28%
Assoc. Professor 27 17%
Assist. Professor 21 13%
Lecturer 35 22%
Grad Student 32 19%
Decline to State 2 1%
Totals 162 100%

Question 2

Did the available technology (projector, sound system, document camera, etc.) in the classroom meet your pedagogical needs?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist. Professor Lecturer Grad Student Decline to State
Completely 87 54% 22 15 10 26 14 0
Mostly 58 36% 17 11 8 6 15 1
Partially 13 8% 2 1 3 3 3 1
Not at all 4 2% 4 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 162 100% 45 27 21 35 32 2

90% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 3

What additional technology would be needed to fully address your pedagogical needs?

  • View respondents' remarks.
    Academic Role First Name Last Name Classroom Additional Technology Needed
    Grad Student Anonymous  

    MSE 104, ENGR 2141,
    SPR 2340, INTN 1006

    Document cameras in all classrooms.
    Lecturer Anonymous   WAT 1000 n/a
    Professor Eugene Nothnagel SPR 1340 Better visibility of the chalkboard from the back of the room.
    Lecturer Anonymous   SPTH 2200, MSE 103,
    MSE 003, INTS 1121
    Lecturer Anonymous   INTN 1020 None
    Lecturer Kathleen Gurnett INTS 2132 Ability to interface with Apple devices
    Lecturer Sandi Fay OLMH 1212 document camera
    Grad Student Anonymous   Watkins 1111, Watkins1117,
    Sproul 2339, INTS 1020
    None. Mostly just better training on how to use the technology.
    Lecturer Anonymous   Bourns A125, Watkins 1000 The mic in Watkins 1000 frequently does not work. I had to call media every lecture for weeks. I'm teaching
    in this same classroom this quarter and am having the same problems. Please have a spare or hand held mic. Anything,
    literally anything is better than having to shout,
    Lecturer Nicoletta Tinozzi Mehrmand Sproul, Olmstead, HMNSS, INTS, Watkins Multi-region DVD players
    Grad Student Anonymous   Sproul, INTS, HMNSS, Olmstead Cables that can allow me to project my netbook and/or iPad on the large screen.
    Grad Student Anonymous   INTN 1020 I had some problems with projector showing a partial image of my tablet pc screen.
    Grad Student Skulley   OLMH 1126 N/A
    Professor Eric Chronister Spieth 2200 Ability to use project/screen and chalkboard at same time
    Lecturer Anonymous   HMNSS 1404, HMNSS 1406 None
    Grad Student Jeff Hicks OLMH 1123 White Board
    Grad Student Anonymous   Sproul 2355, ENG II 143 Doc cam will be highly helpful in the above two classrooms.
    Assoc. Professor Derek A. Burrill Surge 17, Surge 173 It would be great if the center light could be turned off-it really makes the films hard to see.
    Professor James A. Parr HMNSS1402 The VCR component did not work properly. This caused some delays. The Media people brought in a replacement VCR
    player and couple of times, but it was quite a hassle, ad I just stopped requesting it after a time.
    Lecturer Terry Spaise INTS 2134, HMNSS 1402, HMNSS 1406 None
    Professor Lynda Bell UNLH 1000 The control panel doesn't always work well. Middle screen is in bad shape.
    Assoc. Professor Anonymous   Chung Hall 120 Laser printer and slide flipper
    Assoc. Professor Anonymous   SPR 2351 A language and linguistics lab
    Assoc. Professor Fred Wilhelm ENGR 143 More Light, Better Bigger Board
    Professor Tom Morton Physics 2000 A functional smart board
    Professor Mark Matsumoto

    Watkins 1117, INTS 2134

    Ability to record and archieve lectures along with the Powerpoint slides
    Assist. Professor Sabine Doran HMNSS 1502 two screens, document camera
    Lecturer Anonymous   HMNSS 1400 If each student can access a computer it helps their search of materials online
    Assoc. Professor James Tobias INTS 1121 If I remember correctly everything was fine apart from minor hiccups.
    Assoc. Professor Vivian-Lee Nyitray Sproul 2343 Something that can read an iPad as a device; I can lug my laptop and I can use my iPod for music,and I'd
    really hoped the iPad would lightenmy load...but classroom technology not always up to it.
    Grad Student Anonymous   Surge 171, Spr 2356,
    INTN 1006
    Lecturer Anonymous   Olmstead projectors are slow to warm up
    Professor James Baldwin LSP 1111 built in LCD projector and screen
    Assoc. Professor Juliann Allison Sproul 2212, UV 9 Second screen to display clicker results
    Professor Steve Clark UNLH 1000 Don't need more technology. Sometimes the existing technology did not work. On a couple of days, one of
    the screens did not work, or buzzed very loudly.
    Professor Traise Yamamoto WAT 1101, SPR 2360 doc cam
    Lecturer Anonymous   Sproul 1102 None
    Assist. Professor Sherine Hafez ENG 2 138 The sound was not working with the projector
    Professor Anonymous   MSE large lecture hall Working smartboards!!!Received negative teaching evaluations because they did not work properly.
    Grad Student Anonymous     Reliable projectors.
    Assoc. Professor INTN 1002 Levy   Mics for students so that 1) their questions/comments get recorded on the podcasts, and 2) I hear them
    when they are talking.

    Grad Student

    Anonymous   HMNSS 1503 Easier to hook up to iPad to use keynote.
    Assist. Professor Marsha Ing INTS 1125 Smart board or somehting where I could write formulas and project (not chalkboard) ; also being able to write
    directly on powerpoint slides and project would be ideal; it would also be nice to have a pointer rather than having to bring my own every time.
    Grad Student Anonymous   SPR 2351 The USB port is at an angle that makes it difficult to insert flash drives.
    Assist. Professor Kate Sweeny INTN 1020 The software DVD interface on the computer is tough to work with, but otherwise I had everything I needed.
    Professor Catherine Allgor UV Theater 10 Better sound system- the mic pack was broken the whole term.
    Professor Ed Platzer ENGR 2 143, MSE 103 Upgrades of classroom projectors to HD quality similar to those in MSE.
    Lecturer Anonymous   SPR 2364, SPR 2343 BLU-RAY
    Assist. Professor Chikako Takeshita MSE 103 Ability to project from students' laptops onto the screen.
    Professor Jan Blacher HMNSS 1404 Better and more reliable sound system and computer.
    Lecturer Anonymous   WAT 1101, SPR 1102, LFSC 1500 The bell tower events at noon make it VERY difficult to hear during noon-classes-it truly needs a mic/speaker system installed.
    Assoc. Professor Kevin Esterling UV Theater 9 I just use powerpoint slides for that class, plus some web browsing.
    Grad Student Anonymous   INTS 1125, INTS 2130, WAT 2141 Document cameras in all classrooms, even the crappy classrooms. And technology that reliably works, even in the crappy classrooms.
    Assist. Professor Kevin Costello WCH 139 N/A
    Lecturer Anonymous     Smart White Boards; multiple projectors.
    Grad Student Brian D. Williams OLMH 1123, INTS 1132, INTN 1006 I only used powerpoints, and that was fine. However, in the future I might wish to use the remote controls for students, so they can answer questions. I'm not sure how the classroom technology would have met that need (unless it was "Smart Class room", which I think the INTS and INTN rooms were, if memory serves).
    Grad Student Anonymous   WAT 1111 SPR 2339 Clicker to change powerpoint slides-so I don't need to stand by the computer the whole time.
    Professor Leah Haimo MSE 104 smart boards that actually worked
    Assoc. Professor Anonymous   INTS 1132 Better lighting on the whiteboards (especially the ends)--not in this class, but in other classes I teach in similar rooms, I would like the ability to display something different on each projector (most computers including laptops can support multiple displays now)
    Professor   O'Connor HMNSS 1404 having it work consistently
    Grad Student Sue Hertzog INTS I'm just a techno idiot and have a hard time figuring things out.
    Professor Marylynn Yates SPTH 2200 none
    Assoc. Professor Shan-Wen Tsai PHYS 2104 I needed to use a microphone and this was provided (someone brought it in the beginning of every class).
    Professor Anonymous     I am not even worried about the technology here; the rooms are aweful,, the boards are much too small and badly erased. The walls are so thin that one hears everything the other lecturers are saying, as though they were in the room.
    Assist. Professor Anonymous   UNLH 1000 Podiums which actually show what is on the projection scree; faster, less buggy laptop connections; in UNLH, a DVD player in the podium instead of hidden in the back.
    Professor Bill Gary PHYS 2104 none
    Assist. Professor Xin Ge WCH 139 The projector needs new bulb, and sometimes it's not focused well.
    Assoc. Professor Jeanette Kohl WAT 1000 It would be good to have a functioning, up-to-date movable microphone to walk around with. The one that's there is from the bronze age, and the batteries are constantly out of power. Also, a new lactern with a light (no light ! I show slides and short flicks all the time as an and Art History Prof.) installed is absolutely necessary. Regulation of room lights and dimmers are on the other side of the podium, very inconvenient. Should be on the lectern. The room needs complete updating.
    Assist. Professor Anonymous   UNLH 1000 Working projectors
    Professor Bob Hanneman WAT 1101 none
    Professor G Dymski UNLH 1000 The white boards work unreliably.
    Assist. Professor Vince Lavallo BRNS 118 Microphones that actually reliably work.
    Assist. Professor Goldberry Long INTS 1020 I really need TWO hand held mics to run the class as I plan to.
    Lecturer Linda Penas OMLH 1316 nothing
    Grad Student Kevin Gin SPR 2360, OLMH 420 A way to display iPad screen on projector.
    Assoc. Professor   Maduro BRNHL A125 A second data projector would be useful for running the clicker screen+ questions seperately.
    Professor Daniel Ozer HMNSS 1501 A more regularly washed whiteboard.
      Anand Ray UNLH 1000 Smart board needs replacement/repair
    Assist. Professor Anonymous A microphone that functions properly in every class session.
    Professor Larry Wright MSE 104 Well-illuminated, dumb white boards.
    Lecturer Sabine Thuerwaechter OMLH 1122 Zone free DVD player for language classes.

Question 4

Overall, have your classroom technology needs been satisfactorily met this quarter?

All % of Total Professor Assoc. Professor Assist. Professor Lecturer Grad Student Decline to State
Completely 80 49.2% 23 11 10 23 13 0
Mostly 59 37% 14 13 6 8 17 1
Partially 16 10% 3 3 3 4 2 1
Not at all 3 1.8% 2 0 1 0 0 0
Did not answer 4 2% 3 0 1 0 0 0
Totals 162 100% 45 27 21 35 32 2

86.2% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 5

Are you aware of faculty development support services (e.g. Workshops, Luncheons, instructional design assistance) that are available to help UCR faculty increase the use of instructional technology?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor

Assist. Professor

Lecturer Grad Student Decline to State
Completely 46 29% 11 8 8 12 6 1
Mostly 63 39% 18 14 6 15 10 0
Partially 36 23% 11 4 4 7 9 1
Not at all 12 7.5% 1 1 2 1 7 0
Did not answer 3 1.5% 2 0 1 0 0 0
Totals 160 100% 43 27 21 35 32 2

68% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 6

How frequent is your need for a "Smart Classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a permanent projection device, Internet connection, speakers, and multimedia capabilities; 100% indicates using the technology every lecture)?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist. Professor Lecturer Grad Student Decline to State
100% 98 61% 27 18 13 25 14 1
75% 25 16% 9 4 6 2 3 1
50% 13 8% 3 2 0 4 4 0
25% 7 4.2% 0 2 0 2 3 0
Less than 25% 14 9% 5 1 0 2 6 0
Never 3 1.8% 0 0 1 0 2 0
Totals 160 100% 44 27 20 35 32 2

77% of respondents answered 75% or 100% of the time.

Question 7

How frequent is your need for a "computer classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a computer for every student or for a number of small groups of students, in addition to "smart classroom" capabilities)?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student Decline to State
100% 13 8% 4 0 4 4 1 0
75% 8 5% 2 1 1 1 3 0
50% 10 6% 3 2 0 1 3 1
25% 16 10% 4 5 0 4 3 0
Less than 25% 42 27% 14 9 3 11 4 1
Never 71 44% 17 10 12 14 18 0
Totals 160 100% 44 27 20 35 32 2

Question 8

Do you have a "course web page" in Blackboard or a departmental/personal web site for your students with information on your course, syllabi, and requirements?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student Decline to State
Yes, extensive Blackboard use 96 60.3% 27 21 11 19 17 1
Yes, limited Blackboard use 50 31.4% 13 5 6 10 15 1
Yes, other web site 2 1.3% 0 0 1 1 0 0
No 11 7% 4 1 2 4 0 0
Totals 159 100% 44 27 20 34 32 2

91.7% of respondents use Blackboard.

Question 9

Do you use the above web site to present material to your students while in the classroom?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student Decline to State
Yes, extensively 26 17% 3 4 3 10 5 1
Yes, but limited 62 40% 14 9 8 14 17 0
No, not at all 57 36% 20 12 7 8 9 1
I did not know I could do that 11 7% 6 2 2 0 1 0
Totals 156 100% 43 27 20 32 32 2

Question 10

Did the instructions in the media cabinet and the materials available on the website (http://classrooms.ucr.edu) provide the information you needed to use the equipment in the classroom?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student Decline to State
Completely 44 28% 11 9 5 11 8 0
Mostly 50 31% 14 8 6 16 5 1
Partially 23 14.5% 6 3 4 2 7 1
Not at all 4 2.5% 1 0 2 0 1 0
Unaware of material 38 24% 12 7 3 6 10 0
Totals 159 100% 44 27 20 35 31 2

59% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 11

Did you find the HELP button on the multimedia controller helpful and was technical support provided in a timely manner?

All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student Decline to State
Completely 78 53% 18 16 11 20 13 0
Mostly 37 25% 11 4 3 9 8 2
Partially 14 10% 3 2 4 3 2 0
Not at all 17 12% 7 4 2 1 3 0
Totals 146 100% 39 26 20 33 26 2

78% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.


Respondents use of clickers

Used Clickers? All % of Total Professor Assoc Professor Assist Professor Lecturer Grad Student Decline to State
Yes 161 99.4% 1 0 0 0 0 0
No 1 .6% 44 27 21 35 32 2


Question 12

If you used the audience response system (clickers) in the classroom, what one thing (positive or negative) about its use merits comments?

  • View respondents' remarks.
    Academic Role Classroom Full Name Clicker Comments
    Professor INTN 1020 Anonymous N/A
    Professor UNLH 1000 Steve Clark I used clickers once a long time ago. Students panic. Dozens of panicked emails from students. Never used them again.
    Professor WAT 1101,SPR 2360 Traise Yamamoto n/a
    Professor UNLH 1000 Lynda Bell Haven't used them yet, but out of desperation at the size of classes, will probably start.
    Professor Spieth 2200 Eric Chronister all of my HITT files were deleted by someone in the middle of the quarter, which prevented its use for a couple of lectures.
    Professor HMNSS 1404 O'Connor no, but am interested in using them in the future.
    Professor MSE 116 Pete Sadler We asked the students to vote and they chose not to use clickers.
    Professor WAT 1101 Bob Hanneman n/a
    Professor MSE 116 Michalis Faloutsos It was fine.
    Professor UNLH G Dymski Holds the students to the end of class when you put 'points' on their being there to respond.
    Professor HMNSS 1503 Alicia Arrizon I am using if for the first time this quarter. No comments at this point.
    Professor SPR 1340 Eugene Nothnagel The clicker system was used frequently and seemed to work fine.
    Professor MSE 003 James Baldwin don't use
    Professor MSE 104 Leah Haimo I use clickers to try to get students to gauge their understanding of the material
    Lecturer INTS 2134, HMNSS 1402,
    HMNSS 1406
    Terry Spaise n/a
    Lecturer SPR 2364 SPR 2343 Anonymous n/a
    Lecturer WAT 1101, SPR 1102,
    LFSC 1500
    Anonymous People clicking for their friends...sigh.
    Lecturer   Anonymous Problems recording signal. Difficult for students to know if response registered.
    Lecturer OLMH 1212 Sandi Fay n/a
    Lecturer INTN 1020 Anonymous At times, student responses do not get detected but otherwise, the system works great.
    Lecturer WAT 1000 Anonymous n/a
    Grad Student OLMH 1126 Skulley N/A
    Grad Student Watkins 1111, Watkins 1117,
    Sproul 2339,
    INTS 1020
    Anonymous Never used.
    Grad Student INTN 1020 Anonymous N/A
    Grad Student HMNSS 1503 Anonymous Used in a council meeting. More headache than anything, ended up counting hands.
    Grad Student ENGR 138 Anonymous Made quizzes much easier to deal with.
    Grad Student SPR 2351 Anonymous n/a
    Grad Student HMNSS 1406 Matthew Bond N/A
    Grad Student OLMH 1123, INTS 1132,
    INTN 1006
    Brian D. Williams I haven't used them yet, though I'd like to. I'm a bit concerned that students wont buy them however.
    Assoc. Professor UV Theater 9 Kevin Esterling I don't use clickers because I'm reluctant to ask UCR undergrads to spend more money on the course, and I would use the clickers only in some lectures. I think the best would be for the university to require all students to own a clicker so that I can expect everyone has one, and then I would make use of them. But I won't ask them to buy one for my specific class since I would only make limited use of them (yes, I realize that they can seel them back, but there still is a cost).
    Assoc. Professor INTN 1006 Guillermo Aguilar N/A
    Assoc. Professor MSE 116 Anonumous It would be nice if students could use their smart phones to answer clicker questions-they never forget them.
    Assoc. Professor INTN 2023 Amalia Cabezas Difficult to use for grading responses.
    Assoc. Professor SPR 2351 Anonymous n/a
    Assoc. Professor BRNHL A125 Maduro The newer RF clickers work much better than the older line-of-sight ones.
    Assist. Professor INTS 1020 Goldberry Long Clickers are an amazing way to increase student engagement in classroom materials.
    Assist. Professor BRNS B118, ENGR 2 143
    UNLH 1000, ENGR2 138,
    Jack Eichler I think the clicker system is a great way to engage students in a alarge lecture and I use these on a daily basis. I think they are especially useful if the students are given opportunities to work in small collaborative groups will answering questions. The one negative is that students often seem to have problems getting their clickers to work. I think it would be good if there was a quick way for them to do a diagnostic check to verify that their clicker works.
    Assist. Professor Sproul 1102 Anonymous The main issue was the wireless mouse, which frequently would not work. Either the batteries were low, or somehting else was wrong. This often intererrupted my lecture, which depends crucially on the ability to project slides wirelessly, and was inconvenient. It settled down about halfwa through the quarter, but it took a while.
    Assist. Professor INTS 1125 Marsha Ing n/a
    Assist. Professor INTN 1020 Kate Sweeny n/a
    Assist. Professor INTS 1130 Dana Simmons N/A
    Assist. Professor ENGR 138 Todd Sorensen I have very high attendance on account of a low cost way to take attendance
      UNLH 1000 Anand Ray Engages users.
  • View respondents' additional comments.
    Academic Role Classroom Full Name Additional Comments
    Grad Student MSE 104, ENGR 2141,SPR 2340, INTN 1006 Anonymous It would be really helpful to have a quick trobleshooting guide in classrooms with the smart boards. The boards can be pretty finicky if you don't know all the tricks about being careful to set markers back down, etc., and I have seen it become a major educational distraction se
    Professor SPR 1340 Eugene Nothnagel Although I was aware that students seated towards the back of the classroom had difficulty seeing the lower portion of the chalkboards, and although I consequently tried to avoid writing the lower 1/4 of the chalkboard, there were still serious issues that were apparent in the student comment section of the teaching evaluations. This room is simply no good for any instructor who makes much use of chalkboards. The room is too long and narrow, and is flat with no drop towards the front. The studentsin the back cannot see because the students in front block out much of the lower portion of the chalkboards. The chalkboards on the side of the room are not usable because students are seated right up against those chalkboards when the room is full, which it was for my class. I will do whatever I can to not have to teach in this room again.
    Lecturer LFSC 1500 Miriam Ziegler I wish there were an interface between the clicker system/clicker roster and the iLearn gradebooks to avoid alot of manual entering of clicker participation at the end of the quarter in quarters in which I use clickers.
    Lecturer SPTH 2200, MSE 103, MSE 003, INTS 1121 Anonymous The AC system in SPTH 2200 was malfunctioning. The room was extremely cold. I hope that it has been fixed. Nothing was done despite having called in the problem during the last 3 weeks of the Fall Quarter.
    Grad Student HMNSS 1401, various INTS rooms Anonymous HMNSS 1401 projector bulb died the first week I taught there. Things like this should be looked into before each quarter starts, as this prevented my students from being able to take a quiz. In the future, could problems like this be avoided by checking equipment regularly and having spare bulbs/parts on hand?
    Lecturer INTN 1020 Anonymous INTN 1020 by far is the best classroom for technology and service is always prompt.
    Lecturer OLMH 1212 Sandi Fay Several times I requested a document camera but it only came twice. After the first missed time I always came with a backup plan. Good thing too. But it was annoying.
    Grad Student Watkins 1111, Watkins 1117, Sproul 2339, INTS 1020 Anonymous I am not aware of training for TA's, but would love to learn more about this!
    Lecturer WAT 2141, HMNSS 1403, INTS 2134 Tim Ballard WAT 2141 is a problem room as there is noise and a lot of light due to broken windows and blinds, not a technology so to speak. Talked to people about it, but I've had trouble for at least a year.
    Lecturer CHASS 124 Anonymous Help phone response was prompt and appreciated.
    Assoc. Professor UNLH Mindy Marks i used the electronic white board but often it would project on the screen elements that I had not written (i.e. it too sensitive) When I tried to play a sound clip it didn't work.
    Professor UV Theater Paul Ryer The technology was fine, but the AC was broken for 3 weeks and it was incredibly HOT and hard on me and the students. It took many , many efforts by me, my dept chairman, and others to find a responsible party in the UV and have the situation addressed, finally.
    Grad student OLMH 1123 Jeff Hicks There should be no reason to employ classooms that use traditonal chalkboards.
    Lecturer INTS 2136 Maria Ballester You are doing an excellent job. When we need you, you are always there. Thank you!!!
    Professor HMNSS 1402 James A. Parr AV equipment in our graduate seminar room (HMNSS)
    Grad Student Surge 172 Anonymous Although I am a graduate studen, I am the sole instructor for my class. I primarily use the in-class room technology to present audio visual material as part of the class discusssion. In classrooms with dual projectors (like Surge 172) Instructions for how to operate the projectors separately would be helpful.
    Professor Physics 2000 Tom Morton I used the telephone in Physics 2000 to contact Media Services whenever there was a problem.
    Professor 1208 Olmstead Hall Augustine Kposowa I have been at UCR for 17 years, and I have been plesed with our gradual advances in classroom technology. Ten years ago, I visited a non-PhD University (Western Washington U), and was taken on a tour of their lecture rooms. I was very embarrased to admit that we lacked what they had. They already had SMART classrooms, and we did not, or we lagged behind. Buildings were heavily wired, and there were wireless services all over the place. I am pleased that despite our budget woes we have made improvements at UCR. Please have an Instructional Technology consultant contact me to discuss how I can further use technology in my teaching
    Assoc. Professor LFSC 1500 Susan Zieger I had an ongoing problem with the volume in the classroom and had to repeatedly call for help...the media staff were not absolutely helpful. Sometimes they fixed the problem, but after they left, it returned. I'm not crazy and I'm not *that* incompetent, but some of them also gave me attitude about it. I had anoteher problem with podcasts which Siddiq worked really hard to fix, but it resulted in losing 2-3 of the lectures, which was a little devastating for some of my students. So my media experience last was adequate but not great.
    Assoc. Professor SPR 1340 Anonymous The blackboard didn't write very well.Students in the back often had problems reading the blackboard.
    Lecturer MSE 104 Toby Gustafson The equipment in MSE 104 works very well. the one time I had a problem, somebody responded very quickly (though I had figured out the issue alredy).
    Assist. Professor INTS 1130 Dana Simmons Media Services is a wonderful resource and instructional possibilities have enormously expanded in the past five years as a result of smart classroom improvements. Thank you!
    Grad Student Sproul 2351 Watkins 1111 INTS 2130 Jay You need to put whiteboards in all the classrooms. Chalk is too messy. You need to focus on the actual classrooms instead of spending millions of dollars for equipment in the lecture hall that nobody uses. Also, BluRay ina ll the classes would be helpful too. DVDs are becoming less and less available so you guys need to update eventually.
    Assoc. Professor INTS 1121 James Tobias Thanks for all you do!
    Assoc. Professor Sproul 2343 Vivian-Leee Nyitray I know that VHS tapes are an outdated medium but we sometimes need them, and it seems harder to find classrooms that have VCRs. We can't always purchase the materials on DVD or Blu-Ray, so it's tough at times. I had one instance in the last year but it was significant. WE had one brought in, but not all systems seem to recognize them.
    Grad Student Surge 171, Spr 2356 INTN 1006 Anonymous The single piece of technology lacking in nearly every classroom is a wall clock. I often resort to using the classroom computer as an expensive timepiece.
    Grad Student Sproul??? Erica Riggs the only problem I experienced was the delay in turning on the projector if the person using the classsroom beforeme turned it off at the end of his/her class. It took at least 5-10 minutes to turn on the projector. Since I give quizzes at te beginning of the class this can be annoying.
    Grad Student SPR 2360 Anonymous In fall quarter, I didn' use a lot of tech., but it was always easy and available when I did use it.
    Professor LSP 1111 James Baldwin 10 and 11 don't apply since their is no equipment or media cabinet
    Professor MSE 003 James Baldwin 11 above should be NA--I never had reason t use HELP button
    Professor Engineering 2 Room 138 Jodie Holt The particular room we used was excellent, with technology far beyond what I needed to run a seminar. I attended the tutorial to learn how to use it. This quarter I have noticed that the seminar instructor does not know how to use it and relies on someone from the audience to do so, which is often inefficient or problematic.
    Professor HMNSS 1503 Anonymous Microphone varies in quality from class to class. Instructions vague.
    Assoc. Professor INTN 1006 Anonymous In respnse to #11, there is a phone on the wall & once when having media difficulties I used it and the IT support was ther in minutes-thank you!
    Assoc. Professor HMNSS 1501 Patricia Springer HMNSS 1501 is a pretty good classroom. The only small complaint is the arrangement of the media cabinet-it is difficult to use the computer because of its location in the cabinet, and to hook a laptop to the projector, you have to run a cable across the floor, which is a trip hazard. Last year I taught in OLMH 1208- that room was unacceptable. The rear door to the room would not stay closed, making the classroom very noisy. I put in repeated requests, but it was not repaired. In addition, the automatic door at the front of the room is very problematic-students start trying to enter the classroom for the next class while class is still in session. The door opens very loudly and takes time to close, making it very disruptive. Finally , the projector was very vim, and I often had to turn room lights down so that my slides were visible. Perhaps the projector has been replaced since then?
    Professor UNLH 1000 Steve Clark Question 11 does not make sense. The correct answer for Q 11 is that I never used it, so I can't say that it was helpful or not helpful.
    Professor WAT 110,
    SPR 2360
    Traise Yamamoto Whenever I've had to have someone from the help desk come into my classroom, they have been just great. Very patient and helpful. Thanks!
    Lecturer Sproul 1102 Anonymous One technician told me that I should not push the HELP button. (Some how.) So I never push even though I really need the help from yours.
    Assist. Professor ENG 2 138 Sherine Hafez The Tech crew were outstanding but the room was a recurring problem. It was a real issue not having volume when I showed clips in the classroom. Had to call the crew every time. Lost class instruction time and also gave them a headache. I do not understand why the loss of volume kept happening!
    Professor MSE Large lecture hal Anonymous We need to have a whiteboard projection system or document camera that will allow Powerpoint slides to stay up simultaneously on one of the screens. The smartboards are unreliable. The document camera can only be used without slides. I will not use a MSE lecture hall again! It is ideal for math classes where the professor s writing equations and does not need slides.
    Assist. Professor INTS 1125 Marsha Ing When I used the phone to call for technical help in the classroo, the support staff has been very attentive and helpful. My biggest wish is for an increased level of sophistication in terems of the equipment available to me in my statistics classrooms. Everything works but it all seems so dated compared to colleagues at other UC campuses and other universities across the nation.
    Grad Student SPR 2351 Anonymous I didn't need to access the instructions. I was aware of the website. I never needed to use the HELP button. In general, our technology seems really old for a UC.
    Professor UV Theater 10 Catherine Allgor Thanks to my Teacher's Assistants, we figured stuff out. I really miss having a support person there. I made several appointments at the beginning of the term with support personnel, but they did not show up. It's not just about the technology, it is about the people!
    Professor BRNHL B118 Michael Pirrung In this particular classroom, the one glitch ( and it is a big one) was that the lights along the front of the room that illuminate the boards had a bad switch. I could enter the classroom and they would be on just fine. I would need to turn them off so students could see items that were projected onto the screens. Then, I wanted to go back to the boards, it was not possible to get the lights illuminating them to go back on because of the intermittant switch. Fix this, and I am a happy camper.
    Lecturer SPR 2364,
    SPR 2343
    Anonymous When I needed help, support staff were prompt and helpful.
    Professor HMNSS 1006 John Briggs The INTS 1006 screen motor is linked to the projector switch. It goes up and down depending upon the command to the projector. Perhaps that arrangement is conveient for some, but I find it a noisy interruption if I turn on the projector midway through the class. It would be better in my view to have the screen on a separate control-if such a change can be made without great expense.
    Assist. Professor MSE 103 Chikako Takeshita I was very happy with the room. I wish I can have it every quarter. I do a lot of group work, which is difficult with chairs that are bolted to the floor. I also have students bring their laptops and submit in-class group assignments to iLearn in class. But, sometimes they don't have a laptop in the group. So a room with additional computers would be helpful.
    Professor HMNSS 1404 Jan Blacher The classroom is FILTHY.
    Lecturer WAT 1101,
    SPR 1102,
    LFSC 1500
    Anonymous Media folks are the best-prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. My continued thanks.
    Assoc. Professor UV Theater 9 Kevin Esterling The UV is a terrible place to teach but that has nothing to do with the classroom technology.
    Grad Student   Anonymous Before any money is spent on furthering technology in the classroom, the basics need to be covered. There are several chalkboards in the smaller rooms of Olmstead Hall that are terrible.Chalkboards, whiteboards and erasers are often extremely dirty. This is more important than any other technology.
    professor MSE 116 Pete Sadler It is possible to prevent people from removing the table from MSE 116? That was the only nuisance. The promised instruction sessions at the beginning of the quarter were a bust; at 4 sessions the media instructor failed to show up. Including one specially scheduled one-on-one make-up session very early in the morning. The faculty and TAs taught themselves by experiement at the group sessions. My only technology problem concerned the touch-screen stylus for annotating powerpoint slides. It could have been a great alternative to the messy white boards- I planned to draw on blank black or white slides (B and W keys in Powerpoint). Inevitably, however, the tool caused Powerpoint to freeze in remote keyboard control and become erratic under mouse control. I never got a satisfactor response to these reports, but it was easy to limit my use of the tool. The students and i gained some amusement from it all.
    Grad Student INTS 1125, INTS 2130, WAT 2141 Anonymous The mouse in INTS 2130 needs replacing.
    Grad Student SPR 2365 Anonymous Wacom Bamboo Tablet ( or something similar) would utilize the projection and computer, and eliminate the need for a white/blackboard. Thus eliminating markers and chalk in the classroom! Also. you can do a screen shot recorder, thus allowing instructors to record lecture notes to post online. You should youtube "khan academy" for an example of what Sal Khan does.
    Grad Student OLMH 1123, INTS 1132, INTN 1006 Brian D. Williams Keep up the good work! I'd be interested in getting some more details on using the "clickers" as a TA, for future quarters (perhaps this Spring). Please have a instructional Technology consultant contact me to discuss how I can further use technology in my teaching.
    Professor MSE 106 Neal Young Not about technology, but this partcular room. being large and theater-style, is a bad choice for ENGR 101, as it makes it harder to have in-class exchange and discussions.
    Professor MSE 103 Neal Young the lights turned on and off by motion sensor, but the motion sensor was in the adjacent room. I think that was fixed already though.
    Professor MSE 104 Leah Haimo I wish the campus would allow the instructor to turn off wireless in the classrooms. This would help get students off of facebook and email during class. Maybe cell phone access would also need to be blocked.
    Professor HMNSS 1404 O'Connor The Tech team is very responsive to equipment failures--but too bad we have equipment failures.
    Professor   Anonymous Before worrying about technology, one should make sure that the rooms are themselves suitable for teaching, with nice, wide and clean board space (which is very rare) and will walls that are truly insulating from the noise in the corridors and in the other lecture rooms. It is a true shame that most of our rooms are not up to par. Technology is truly secondary given the state of most of the classrooms available for teaching.
    Assist. Professor BRNS B118, ENGR2 143, UNLH 1000, ENGR 2 138 Jack Eichler The one complaint I have about the classrooms is that they are often left in less than desirable conditions. In particular, there is often trash left around the rooms. I also find that the rooms that have whiteboards are often lacking usable dry erase markers.
    Assist. Professor UNLH 1000 Anonymous I have completely abandoned Blackboard, which gets worse with every "upgrade" to use CourseKit instead. I recommend the university consider supporting alternatives to Blackboard as many faculty no longer use it due to its slowness, many clicks required for basic tasks, user unfriendliness, and glitches/crashes.
    Assoc. Professor WAT 1000 Jeanette Kohl Watkins 1000 is thoroughly outmoded. It needs new equipment, in particular a lectern with light, a decent microphone , and the possibility to regulate the lights from the lectern.
    Professor MSE 116 Michalis Faloutsos I could not always use all the functions. ie not clear how to enable sound, though many times we were able to use sound from the attached PC.
    Assist. Professor BRNS 118 Vince Lavallo Well it was really a disaster with the clip on mic in this room. Repeatedly it malfunctioned, and repeatedly I asked for help. Very disruptive. The technicians were usually helpful, but twice people ignored my complaints about the technical problems.
    Assist. Professor INTS 1020 Goldberry Long The middle projector in 1020 seems to be askew--it only projects half the doc cam. I wish the projection of video was more seamless and reliable. I often have glitches with sound in particular. However, that could easily be my lack of technical acumen.
    Grad Student OMLH 1126 Anonymous The computer technology in this room was fine. The problem is the room itself. It is much too small and packed with chairs to be fully functional. This makes the blackboard un-useable. While there is a white board, the instructor can't use the board and the projector at the same time. While this can be accommodated it does very much influence the types of lessons I could create.
    Assoc. Professor BRNHL A125 Maduro It would be nice to have the computers upgraded to Windows 7. Windows 7 supports native WMP playback of mp4/AVC files and has imporved security. Windows XP is a very old operating system and its security vulnerabilities are an ongoing problem (although not specifically for me this qaurter). Many of the machines (including the one in BRNHL A12) take several minutes to boot up. If this could be streamlined, and unnecessary startup applications could be eliminated, that would be useful. For example, many of the browsers have unnecessary Ask.com or Yahoo search toolbars, probably a side effect of other users installing free appliations (e.g. to play videos). I rarely use YouTube in class because of two things. (a) The internet connection may not be reliable (not a problem this quarter, but it has been in the past); (b) unrelated banner ads or links to other videos can contain 'inappropriate' or embarassing material that disrupts class focus. I download the YouTube videos on my office or home machine, convert them to mpg, and run them directly. This brings me to another point. There should be fairly good video player installed. The default in BRNHL A125 was VLC, which worked mostly okay, but had some issues like odd aspect ratios with some videos. (I prefer the free GOM player).
    Professor WAT 1000 Tae Hwy Lee WAT 1000 is not suitable when the instructor need to write on the board. The room should not be assigned to courses with lots of math or econ, as writing space is much more important than screen.
      UNLH 1000 Anand Ray The lighting in the room was in poor shape. At least 25% of the lights were nonfunctional.
    Assist. Professor   Anonymous I had to call for help with my microphone about once a week. Support arrived quickly but it was disturbing to the class.
    Grad Student ENGR 2 138 Anonymous The technology was great, however in that particular room there seemed to be many issues that would cycle through (I.E. broken backdrop screens, projectors malfunctioning, etc). Having said that, once the problems were reported the staff seemed to fix them in reasonable time.
    Lecturer OMLH 1122 Sabine Thuerwaechter The technology in the room is fine, apart from the zone free DVD player. However, what should not be overlooked is the condition of the blackboards in the classrooms. They are in a deplorable state. But I guess that is for another division, not Media Resources.

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