Fall 2013 Survey Results

Question 1

Which best describes your academic role at UCR?

Chart for Question 1

RoleAll% Total
Professor 24 25%
Assoc. Professor 13 13%
Assist. Professor 12 12%
Lecturer 20 21%
Grad Student 27 28%
Totals 96 100%


Question 2

Did the available technology (projector, sound system, document camera, etc.) in the classroom meet your pedagogical needs?

Chart for Question 2

 All% of TotalProfessorAssoc ProfessorAssist. ProfessorLecturerGrad Student
Completely 35 36% 5 3 4 13 10
Mostly 41 43% 12 7 4 5 13
Partially 17 18% 6 1 4 2 4
Not at all 2 2%   1 1    
Did not answer 1 1% 1        
Totals 96 100%  24  12  13  20  27

79% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 3

What additional technology would be needed to fully address your pedagogical needs?

  • View respondents' remarks.
    Academic Role Name Classroom Additional Technology Needed
    Graduate Student Anonymous Olmstead; Sproul; Watkins Sometimes the sound works, sometimes it does not. That's a problem when I try to play videos.
    Professor Anonymous BRNL 118 Podium display need upgrading
    Graduate Student Anonymous mse 003 Mac minidisplay adapter
    Professor Anonymous physics 2000 better sound system
    Assistant Professor Marsha Ing Sproul 2360 video camera to allow for skype or google hangouts with guest speakers; documet camera -something that would allow me to project student work and talk about it
    Associate Professor Anonymous WAT 1000 remote control & pointer
    Graduate Student Anonymous   The tech situation in HMNSS 1218 is always a mess. There is no computer, so you have to use your own laptop and the wireless connection. When the wireless network had issues last quarter I had to change my lesson plan last minute. You have to check out remotes from the History office, which are sometimes miss-placed and are not available over the lunch hour when the office is closed. The buttons on the remote do not work well, and it sometimes literally takes 5 minutes to get the projector to turn on or off.  People with macs have to check out adapters from the History office, which again is closed over lunch. There is no sound system, except for a pair of crappy speakers you have to hook up to your laptop. In addition you have to pull the screen down, which wouldn't be a big deal except it is very hard to get it to stay down - someone put a string on the handle and most TAs end up tying the screen to a chair to keep it down. The technology in the classroom is a joke and you can never count on it to work. All the other rooms I've been in work great.
    Assistant Professor   HMNSS 1218, SPR 2351, Spieth 1222 Math instruction requires visible, high quality blackboards or whiteboards.  Classrooms should be well lit so students can see.  Often spotlights don't work or lightbulbs are missing.
    Assistant Professor   OLMH 1208, HMNSS 1501 Math instruction requires visible, high quality blackboards or whiteboards.  Classrooms should be well lit so students can see.  Often spotlights don't work or lightbulbs are missing.
    Graduate Student Kevin Straight SPRL 2212 chalkboard eraser
    Graduate Student Anonymous INTS 2132, 2130, LFSC - can't recall # audio
    Lecturer Anonymous mse 104, mse 116 smart whiteboards mostly a total failure.
    Assistant Professor Anonymous bourns a125 a video camera
    Lecturer Anonymous OMSTD 1212 computers that could test each student during testing, eliminating the need for paper tests and making it more difficult to cheat
    Professor Stephen Wimpenny Phys 2000 Repair/Replacement of Equipment
    Assistant Professor Ruhi Khan Surge 171 and Surge 172 Camera for Skype sessions
    Professor Anonymous Boyce 1471 projector that is aimed at the diagonal screen so I can use the blackboard with slides projected
    Associate Professor Anonymous Wat 1101 Document Camera or Whiteboard
    Professor Richard Savich Olmsted 419 Connection for my Mac was not installed.  I had to get another cable.
    Lecturer Jacob West Sproul 1102 Lecturer
    Professor James A. Parr SPR 2351; also WAT 1111 Simply more reliable, easier to use equipment
    Associate Professor Anonymous OLMS 1208 faster wifi
    Professor Carl Cranor theatre 10; Watkins 2353 You have 2 kinds of portable text readers; one is quite poor; another is excellent; had poor one in fall, ecellent one now
    Professor Frank Vahid various webcam/skype for virtual "guest lectures"
    Assistant Professor Anonymous Sproul Hall 1102 better light on whiteboard
    Assistant Professor Brayman Hackel CHUNG way to connect an iPhone to speakers (but maybe that's already there)
    Assistant Professor Dongwon Lee Sproul Hall 1102 Bigger screen and white board
    Graduate Student   UV8 A smartboard
    Professor Anonymous Sproul; OLM 1212 computer needs to be better at loading DVDs, switching between them; classroom fan disrupted ability to hear sound
    Lecturer Anonymous HMNSS 1401 multi region DVD player
    Graduate Student Anonymous OLMH 1123 Nothing, I just needed it to function more reliably.
    Professor Walid MSE 103, LFSC 1500 remote for slides
    Associate Professor Anonymous Surge 284, Surge 268 permanent projection device and a computer with internet connection
    Assistant Professor Owen Baker Sproul 1102; Olmsted 1208 sliding blackboard panels
    Associate Professor Carole-Anne Tyler HMNSS 1405 and 1503 A mic and speaker were brought to 1405 for me to use, as I have some vocal problems.  The mic often was missing a clip, so there was no way to wear it and have the mic stay near my mouth.  Also, sometimes it wasn't brought at all, and sometimes it didn't work.
    Assistant Professor Anonymous SPROUL 1025 Larger screen for projector
    Professor Anonymous Sproul replace the chalk board
    Assistant Professor Anonymous SPR 2355 doc cam
    Professor Anonymous SPR 2360 replacement for existing equipment in case of breakage
    Associate Professor Anonymous OLMH 1208 Java properly installed
    Lecturer Anonymous OLM/SPRL/WAT/HMNSS more doc cams & capture tech
    Graduate Student Anonymous Watkins 1117 White boards. Please remove chalk boards.
    Graduate Student Anonymous INTS I would like to be able to have the projector on without the screen down
    Graduate Student Jennifer Avila All over campus, usually INTS and HMNSS Document camera
    Lecturer Lash K Vance OLM 1126, Spr 1358 Clicker training

Question 4

Overall, have your classroom technology needs been satisfactorily met this quarter?

Chart for Question 4

 All% of TotalProfessorAssoc. ProfessorAssist. ProfessorLecturerGrad Student
Completely 37 38.5% 6 4 3 14 10
Mostly 37 38.5% 8 7 7 5 10
Partially 18 19% 8 1 1 1 7
Not at all 3 3% 2   1    
Did not answer 1 1%   1      
Totals 96 100% 24 13 12  20 27

77% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 5

Are you aware of faculty development support services (e.g. Workshops, Luncheons, instructional design assistance) that are available to help UCR faculty increase the use of instructional technology?

Chart for Question 5

 All% of Total (rounded)ProfessorAssoc ProfessorAssist. ProfessorLecturerGrad Student
Completely 21 22% 7 4 5 2 3
Mostly 33 34% 9 4 2 6 12
Partially 27 28% 5 3 3 9 7
Not at all 13 13% 3   2 3 5
Did not answer 2 2%   2      
Totals 96 100% 24 13 12 20 27

56% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 6

How frequent is your need for a "Smart Classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a permanent projection device, Internet connection, speakers, and multimedia capabilities; 100% indicates using the technology every lecture)?

Chart for Question 6

 All% of Total
ProfessorAssoc ProfessorAssist. ProfessorLecturerGrad Student
100% 63  65% 20 7 7 11 18
75% 9  9% 2   1 3 3
50% 10  10%   1 1 3 5
25% 3  3%   1   2  
Less than 25% 6  6% 1 2 1 1 1
Never 2  2%     2    
Did not answer 3  3% 1 2      
Totals 96  100%  24  13  12  20  27

74% of respondents answered 75% to 100% of the time.

Question 7

How frequent is your need for a "computer classroom" (i.e. a classroom with a computer for every student or for a number of small groups of students, in addition to "smart classroom" capabilities)?

Chart for Question 7

 All% of TotalProfessorAssoc ProfessorAssist ProfessorLecturerGrad Student
100% 6  6% 1 1 2   2
75% 3  3%   2   1  
50% 8  8% 1   1 4 2
25% 8  8%   2   2 4
Less than 25% 27  28% 7 3 4 3 10
Never 42  43% 14 4 5 10 9
Did not answer 2  2% 1 1      
Totals 96 100%  24  13  12  20  27

Question 8

Do you have a "course web page" in Blackboard or a departmental/personal web site for your students with information on your course, syllabi, and requirements?

Chart for Question 8

 All% of TotalProfessorAssoc ProfessorAssist ProfessorLecturerGrad Student

Yes, extensive Blackboard use

70  73% 21 9 11 13 16
Yes, limited Blackboard use 21  22% 3 3 1 6 8
Yes, other web site 3  3%         3
No 1  1%       1  
Did not answer 1  1%   1      
Totals 96  100%  24  13  12  20  27

95% of respondents use Blackboard.

Question 9

Do you use the above web site to present material to your students while in the classroom?

Chart for Question 9

 All% of Total
ProfessorAssoc ProfessorAssist ProfessorLecturerGrad Student
Yes, extensively 28  29% 6 3 3 7 9
Yes, but limited 35 36%  7 3 4 8 13
No, not at all 28 29%  10 4 5 5 4
I did not know I could do that 4 4%  1 2     1
Did not answer 1 1%    1      
Totals 96 100%  24  13  12  21  27

Question 10

Did the instructions in the media cabinet and the materials available on the website (http://classrooms.ucr.edu) provide the information you needed to use the equipment in the classroom?

Chart for Question 10

 All% of Total
ProfessorAssoc ProfessorAssist ProfessorLecturerGrad Student
Completely 29  30% 6 4 4 11 4
Mostly 26 27%  9 4 2 2 9
Partially 14 14%   3 3 1 3 4
Not at all 2 2%  1       1
Unaware of material 24 25%  5 1 5  4 9
Did not answer 1 1%    1      
Totals 96 100%  24  13  12  20  27

% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 11

Did you find the HELP button on the multimedia controller helpful and was technical support provided in a timely manner?

Chart for Question 11

 All% of Total
ProfessorAssoc ProfessorAssist ProfessorLecturerGrad Student
Completely 37  38.5% 8 6 3 12 8
Mostly 17 18%  6 3 1 3 4
Partially 12 12%  5   1 2 4
Not at all 2 2%          2
Never needed 24 25%  3 2  7 3 9
Did not answer 4 4%  2 2      
Totals 96 100%  24  13  12  20  27

56.5% of respondents answered either Completely or Mostly.

Question 12

          If you used the audience response system (clickers) in the classroom, what one thing (positive or negative) about its use merits comments?
        • View respondents' remarks.
          Academic RoleClassroomFull NameClicker Comments
          Associate Professor WAT 100 Anonymous Didn't use it
          Lecturer MSE 104 MSE 116 Anonymous really an excellent pedagogical tool. students did report glitches in system sensitivity, though.
          Lecturer OLMH 1212 Stephen Wimpenny it gives you immediate feedback from the students if they understand concepts
          Professor PHYS 2000 Leah Haimo Has some reliability problems
          Professor MSE 104 James A. Parr The class benefits from the immediate feedback they get on their level of understanding
          Professor SPR 2351 WAT 1111 Carl Cranor never used
          Professor theatre 10; Watkins 2353 Anonymous don't know what it is
          Professor PHYSICS 2000 Anonymous It wasn't always working properly.
          Professor PHYSICS 2000 Anonymous I don't use it.
          Professor Sproul 1102 Anonymous fosters student participation
          Professor MSE 103, LFSC 1500 Walid are you kidding?

Question 13

      • View respondents' additional comments.

        Academic Role



        Additional Comments

        Graduate Student Olmstead; Sproul; Watkins Anonymous Overall it is a good experience.
        Assistant Professor MSE104 Anonymous Personally, I found that smartboards do not work well for a math class. Erasing and rewriting becomes a clumsy and distracting procedure. I ended up never using the boards but rather the document camera.
        Professor BRNL 118 Anonymous Replace the podium monitor with one you can see while lecturing
        Professor UV 10 Anonymous Several times equipment in UV was not operational and took a technician to activate.  More worrisome, the exit door from the theater to the parking lot is sealed shut.  It is labeled "alarm will sound" but there is no alarm; and no exit. This could be disastrous in a fire or other emergency.  PLEASE CHECK THIS.
        Lecturer INTS/ OLMH/ Sproul Maria Ballester Thank you for your help!!! You are always great!!!! You respond quickly when we have questions and you are available at ll times.  Thank you!!

        I wish we could have clickers in each classroom so we don't need to be  close to the computer to click when we have a PowerPoint presentation.
        Professor HMNSS 1407 Roger Lake I teach using a tablet (ipad) untethered using Doceri. The macbook is plugged into the VGA. I am free to roam. It would be nice to have a mobile podium at a comfortable height on which to rest the ipad and write. I spend much of the lecture standing on one foot with the other on a chair and the ipad on my knee.
        Assistant Professor Sproul 2360 Marsha Ing I don't know when (if ever) the classrooms are cleaned...but things are dusty and dirty. While this doesn't necessarily impact the technology, things are dusty and dirty. I take clorox disinfecting wipes with me to class.
        Lecturer OLMH 1208 Anonymous Thanks for your quick responses to my "help" requests!
        Associate Professor Sproul 1340 Morris Maduro The media switcher stopped working one day, and it took about 15 minutes overall for it to be restored. I think you already know about these problems.
        Graduate Student HMNSS 1218, SPR 2351, Spieth 1222 Anonymous Please please please overhaul HMNSS 1218 - all History TAs dread teaching in that room.
        Assistant Professor OLMH 1208, HMNSS 1501 Anonymous Investing in rolling blackboards or whiteboards in large lecture halls where math classes are taught and maintaining light fixtures will result in better student performance in mathematics.  Students in the back have difficulty seeing what is happening a the board.  I do not find computer presentations as effective in my teaching.

        -Just looking out for my students who deserve the best I can deliver.
        Graduate Student SPRL 2212 Kevin Straight The chalkboard eraser in my classroom was missing for the first few weeks.  Now a damaged whiteboard eraser (with a large chunk missing) has appeared, but it is hard to use and does not completely erase the words on the board. 

        I do use PowerPoint quite a bit, but there are some times when I absolutely need to write on a board.  If you aren't going to supply a white board, then at least give me an eraser so I can erase enough space to write.  I would just buy my own eraser, but it is an incredibly messy thing to carry in a briefcase.  Anyway, I really think it is an essential piece of equipment which the university should provide.
        Lecturer mse 104, mse 116 Anonymous Clickers were great. Would have appreciated help with or written descriptions of how to freeze one screen while moving on with the next. Used clickers computer, projector every class. Wireless mic in mse 116 was totally dead by end of quarter (not a battery issue) , so having backup handheld was a good idea.
        Lecturer OMSTD 1212 Anonymous The clickers are useful in two ways
        1) participation and attendance
        2) gauge understanding in the classroom over concepts in lecture.  If students are not following along with concepts an iclicker question will reveal that and it gives me a chance to go over the concept again for student understanding.
        Professor Phys 2000 Stephen Wimpenny Physics 2000 has many issues with things that are either broken or work partially.
        Professor Boyce 1471 Anonymous Although it has nothing directly to do with the technology, my classroom (Boyce 1471) is filthy and has not been cleaned since last quarter (Fall 2013).  It has a chalk board with an amazing build up of chalk dust so that the room air has chalk dust in it.  This can't be good for the technology equipment and it certainly isn't good for students or the instructors.  Likewise, the image we are projecting (pardon the pun) to the public is that we don't really care about how things look or how clean things are.   It is pretty awful.
        Professor Physics 2000 Bill Gary The smartboards in Physics 2000 are not reliable. I have barely been able to use them this quarter.  They get hung-up (need a reset, which apparently can only be done by having someone from media resources come over and intervene during the lecture itself) and then hang-up again after a few minutes, the electronic-erase feature doesn't work, etc.  I've learned that I cannot rely on using them.
        Graduate Student OLMH 1122 Jennie Friedrich The motion detector lights in my classroom are really problematic. I teach MWF 5:10-6 and the lights frequently go off so that I have to dance around the room in order for us to be able to see. It takes time away from my lesson and is a distraction for my students. I hope someone can remedy this quickly.
        Graduate Student Olmstead, HMNSS Anonymous The equipment in Olmstead has been a near-constant problem this quarter. During week 2 in trying to get the projector to connect to the computer, it took so long as to make me look bad in front of my students.
        Professor MSE 104 Leah Haimo Smart boards in MSE 104 are essential for my lectures but were extremely finicky and caused problems on multiple occasions (eg., often would not recognize eraser even though all pens were in place was a common problem).  I would really like to see these fixed, replaced, updated, whatever.

        I really really like the ability to simultaneously use the Smartboards and have the 3 screens displaying different images.  The most common arrangement is used was the display of two different Smartboards and 1 powerpoint slide.
        Graduate Student Spieth Hall 1307, MSE003, Campus Surge173 Anonymous The computer in classroom MSE003 were out of order for the whole of last quarter. This was most frustrating and annoying for me as I have to use PowerPoint presentations in every one of my classes and it was most inconvenient for me to carry my laptop all the time to class.
        Professor SPR 2351; also WAT 1111 James A. Parr Fall quarter was a time of constant frustration with your updated and improved equipment.  The previous version worked much better.

        I will never use SPR 2351 again.  It was impossible to get the projector working.  Students who had worked or were working in your office were unable to get it working   I lost, on average 15 minutes from each class fussing with the equipment, pushing the HELP button, waiting for someone to be sent over, waiting for a student in the class to try to work with the equipment.                    Never again.

        WAT 1111 was somewhat better, but also required student assistance for almost every session.

        I went to an orientation session.  I was the only one there.  The student in charge ran through the procedures, which seemed simple enough, but, sad to say, they did not work that way  in a real classroom situation.  Maybe it is just those two classrooms, and it was my bad luck to draw them.  I hope so, for the peace of mind of my colleagues.

        All I know is that, in previous years, I have never had difficulties of the sort I did this fall.
        Associate Professor OLMS 1208 Anonymous The most important shift we need in the classrooms is 1) to do away with foxed seats, and 2) increase electrical outlets and wifi signal. I am not the only using technology in the classroom and students need to be able to charge laptops or tablets and have reliable wifi signal.
        Professor PHYSICS 2000 Anonymous The equipment in the room was never functioning correctly, presumably due to lack of maintenance.  The in-room camera never worked, one of the three screens had problems, the clickers were intermittent for those with the older IR models, the lights could not be controlled through the system as they used to be, and the whole system needed rebooting often - sometimes in the middle of the lecture.  The equipment would be fine if it was maintained so that it works. I know that there is a renovation of the room planned for summer 2014.  I hope that you consult with faculty that teach in that room before making decisions about how to set it up.
        Professor various Frank Vahid Thanks for asking! Your above survey is very constrained ("leading the witness" type questions).

        You asked about Blackboard. Blackboard is horrible. Too many clicks, and way to slow. I'm doing all I can to avoid it. I project google docs, youtube, and other webpages in class.

        I would love to have my buddies from other schools or companies be able to do "guest lectures". That would require skype, plus a couple webcams and mics so that the class could interact with the guest.

        Also, I'd love to have a simple way to press a button and have everything in class captured and available as a video afterwards.

        My TA was showing a DVD in one of the Chung Hall outside rooms. With 15 minutes remaining, the entire system shut down. The TA didn't know the code (we'd never needed a code that quarter before), so he had to just dismiss class. So technology killed the lesson that day, everyone was very disappointed.

        I arrived in class last week (Surge 173) and nothing was powering up. I called and your tech came out and said something was wrong with one of the main boards or something, he fixed it. But I lost about 25 minutes of my 50-min class that day. I filled it with other useful stuff so no academic loss that day, but just letting you know.

        Last quarter my TA informed helpdesk that the wifi in Bourns A128 was not functioning. The reply was along the lines of "We are aware, various upgrades are planned, there's nothing we can do". So I emailed people I knew and it was fixed within 2 days. Our experience with helpdesk is generally very poor, their answers are usually not helpful at all, instead we usually get answers like above (i.e., "go away"), or at times we've gotten blatantly incorrect answers. helpdesk could really use some attention.

        Thanks for listening!
        Associate Professor CHUNG Brayman Hackel Several days, I needed to use the HELP button or an IT student in the class to help me get the projector to connect to the PC.  Not sure what the glitch was.
        Assistant Professor Sproul Hall 1102 Dongwon Lee It would be great if the university provides a bigger screen and change the blackboard into whiteboard in Sproul Hall 1102.
        Lecturer Olmstead and Anderson So. Harold Dyck Since I am hard of hearing I find rooms with quiet air conditioning systems better for my needs.
        Graduate Student UV8 Anonymous The whiteboards were lacking and inadequate due to their size in addition to the first few rows not being able to see the bottoms of the boards and thus making them even smaller.
        Professor Sproul; OLM 1212 Anonymous Many of the problems I experience seem to be related to people in the classroom before me disconnecting or disabling required aspects of the system. I'm not sure how you can stop this, but it is a huge problem from my point of view.
        Lecturer HMNSS 1401 Anonymous System did not always shut off after previous classes/was frozen until I called in.
        Also, it would be helpful to be able to use sound only, without the monitor being on. then I could use the audio but still write on the blackboard without the blinding light.
        Professor Sproul 1102 Anonymous The microphone system often did not work when I got to class.
        I frequently needed to call for help to reset something in the computer cabinet.

        Regarding the question "How frequent is your need for a "Smart Classroom" ", it really depends. In a classroom like MSE 104 I'll use clickers but not in Sproul 1102 where I rely on white boards.
        Graduate Student OLMH 1123 Anonymous The computer system in that particular room frequently failed.  The password wouldn't always work, the system wouldn't always start up, there would be delays and at times it would never work even after I called the help desk.  It was very difficult to deal with these problems when they occurred - I would rely on the computer working when preparing my lesson, and at times it would just stubbornly refuse to work.
        Lecturer MSE 116 Rob Lam The middle smart board is in pretty bad shape and can use a good alignment or adjustment.
        Associate Professor HMNSS 1501 Rebecca Kugel Key issues for me are that the room's computer be reliable and that someone answer the phone when I call from the classroom. This latter often does not happen and it is my biggest frustration with using classroom technology. The technology does me no good if I cannot get it to work.
        Also, faculty development luncheons or seminars are impracticable ways to disseminate knowledge. Like most faculty, my schedule varies daily -- trying to make time to attend a class is almost impossible.
        Graduate Student HMNSS-1218 Anonymous It would be immensely helpful if a "smart classroom" setup could be installed in HMNSS-1218.  Mac users have to check out an adaptor to hook up to the projector and we also have to check out a remote to use the projector.  Also, since the wireless is spotty, we have to have a back-up lesson plan in case we cannot access the internet.
        Associate Professor Surge 284, Surge 268 Anonymous none of the classrooms in Surge 2nd floor (Math Dept) has a permanent projection device or computer.
        Assistant Professor Sproul 1102; Olmsted 1208 Owen Baker There is insufficient blackboard area in the classrooms.  This necessitates either writing too small or erasing key concepts that I need to refer back to later in the lecture.  This problem could be solved by installing **vertically** sliding panel blackboards.
        Associate Professor Spieth 2200 Erica Edwards I had some problems with connectivity last quarter.  I usually project from my laptop because I use presentation software that is native to my Mac computer (Keynote).  Sometimes the projector wouldn't read the connection to my computer; other times it just wouldn't come on.  But when I called the help desk for help, attention to the problems was always swift and effective.

        The largest impediment to my pedagogy is teaching in rooms where the desks are screwed in place.  That severely limits our capacity to engage in collaborative learning activities.  But that's likely not an Instructional Technology issue.

        erica edwards
        Associate Professor HMNSS 1405 and 1503 Carole-Anne Tyler There are three problems with having student workers bring a portable PA system:

        1.  They don't check the mic to make sure the sound level is good
        2.  They don't check the mic to see if it has a lapel pin; without it, there is no way to make it stay put near the mouth
        3.  They put the speaker by the equipment cabinet so that there is horrible interference when one has to use the computer equipment, which is all the time if one uses a lot of pdfs, powerpoints, images, and film clips, as I do.
        Assistant Professor SPR 2355 Anonymous the one major glitch last quarter was the implementation of a password to access the console.  (a password had not been required prior to this date.).  when i called the help line, i continually received a busy signal.  i had no choice but to continue to call because my lecture was entirely online.
        Graduate Student OLHM 1116 Anonymous In general I was satisfied, but on the day of the final exam, when I was in OLHM 1211 (I think), I could not use the computer because the keyboard to the class's computer was unresponsive.
        Professor SPR 2360 Anonymous NB This response is for a class taught in Winter 2013.  At that time I did not receive opportunity for feedback.

        The camera in my distance classroom broke on the first day.  The replacement camera was so poor that it was not possible to either write on the board or even recognize all the students in the distance classroom.  The effects on conduct of the class were significant and unacceptable.  If UCR is going to engage in distance teaching it must adequately maintain its equipment, and have adequate backup in case of breakage.

        It should be said that the IT staff were ENTIRELY helpful, but they could not compensate for missing equipment.
        Associate Professor OLMH 1208 Anonymous My problem is that I use Java applets to display graphically solutions to differential equations. But the security settings in Internet Explorer block java applets, and I can't figure out how to get around it. It was okay at the beginning of the quarter, but a new release of Java (required for Internet Explorer to even consider loading the applet) a week into the quarter broke it. This is not something that I believe the help line would resolve, though perhaps I am wrong. In any case, I just gave up using the smart technology.
        Lecturer INTS 2130, 2132 And HMNSS 1404, 1405 Terry Spaise None
        Lecturer 2134 INTS, 1406 HMNSS Anonymous I use blackboard to communicate with students.  Send hw and attachments.
        Graduate Student HMNSS 1403, 1401 Anonymous It would be nice if someone made sure the computers in the classroom are updated frequently.
        Lecturer Olm 1126; SPR 2364; Wat 2141 Kimberly Turner The only complaint I have is that in Watkins 2141 the whole system makes a blurry picture.  I think it's the computer.
        Lecturer INTS 1125, HMNSS 1404, HMNSS 1402 Anonymous My only longstanding complaint is the iLearn interface.  It requires too much navigation for common tasks.

        For instance, let's say that I want to view the Safe Assignment results for a particular essay. I have to go through the following steps:

        1. Click "Course Tools" in the Course Management menu
        2. Scroll down, and click "SafeAssign"
        3. Move the mouse to the right and click "SafeAssignments"
        4. Click the dropdown menu next to the particular Safe Assignment item that I want to view
        5. Click "View Submissions"

        Ugh. I have to drill down through 3 page loads and 5 mouse clicks, one of those clicks on a small area.  I'm not advocating the three click rule or anything like that, but this is a good example of how the site seems to complicate common tasks.

        For instance, it might be nicer if clicking step 2 "SafeAssign" takes me straight to step 4, the list of Safe Assignment entries that I created.  The title of each Safe Assignment entry should be a link that's equivalent to "View Submissions", since that's what most instructors would want anyway.  I shouldn't have to open up a dropdown menu for what's pretty much the default action.  So...

        1. Click "Course Tools"
        2. Click "SafeAssign"
        3. Click the Safe Assignment item that I want to view the results of

        That's 5 mouse clicks down to 3. 3 page loads down to 2. But it could possibly be optimized better.

        A shorter example.  Let's say that I want to see the users in a course:

        1. Click "Users and Groups" in the Course Management menu
        2. Click "Users"

        That's fairly straightforward, but the "Users and Groups" submenu has only 2 items: "Users" and "Groups".  This seems to be a needlessly complex way to reduce the top level menu by 1.
        Lecturer OLM 1126, Spr 1358 Lash K Vance In Olmsted 1126, the projector was almost always shut down, and I had to call Helpdesk to have them reset it from there.  This was annoying somewhat.

        I'm interested in clickers and Adobe Connect for virtual office hours.
        Lecturer WAT 2141; WAT 1117, HMSS 1405 Anonymous DIdn't know about the help button. I use the phone when there are problems and always get prompt response.
        Lecturer HMNSS 1502, SPR 1364 Devon Hackelton I have noticed that a lot of the media cabinet doors are swinging open as there is no magnetic latch for them. It is troublesome when trying to use the computer keyboard during lecture.

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