Technology Readiness Planning

The Need for Modern Classroom Technology at UCR

During the Spring and Summer of 2008, C&C prepared and acted on a plan to upgrade and enhance technology in GA classrooms. Whereas this plan only covered one year, it builds on our ongoing commitment to the renewal and replacement of technology in our classrooms. The plan incorporated lessons learned from the past eight years (e.g. the benefit of dual projection systems) as well as emerging technologies (e.g. annotation panels) into a comprehensive technology vision for UCR's classrooms.

In the Summer of '08, Faculty noticed a few changes in their classrooms:

  • 60% of all GA classrooms received upgraded projectors.
  • Video-capture was piloted in Statistics B650 lecture hall, while our campus-wide pilot continues to be developed. We are currently working on a 4 classroom pilot, consisting of a distributed computing system for automated content capture, audio capture and streaming video.
  • Life Sciences 1500 lecture hall received a dual projection package, touch panel controller, as well as annotation panel.

C&C is continuing efforts to upgrade and enhance classroom technology efforts in all general assignment classrooms. The vision and technology readiness plan for the next four years is currently being worked on. The plan will include:

  • In appropriate classrooms, flex-technologies will be adopted, which provide additional teaching tools consisting of flexible technologies, flexible furniture, and a flexible teaching environment
  • In appropriate classrooms, display annotation capabilities will be adopted. This allows faculty to make annotations over material displayed on screen, as well as the archive of those annotations and the material.
  • In appropriate classrooms, video-capture technologies, which will allow faculty to archive complete lectures and lecture material.

As prior years, the plan includes:

  • Continual upgrading or replacing of equipment in general assignment classrooms, such that no piece of technology is older than 4 years.
  • In appropriate classrooms, a dual projection system will be provided which will allow for simultaneous projection, such as with PowerPoint and Internet material.
  • In appropriate classrooms, video-conferencing or web-conferencing equipment will be provided thus allowing webcasts of classroom presentations, archiving of classroom presentation for later viewing, and virtual" presentation from visiting faculty for subject matter specialists or experts.
  • The actual schedule of upgrades is based on a combination of factors including the age of the equipment, current manual equipment delivery patterns, input from faculty, and changing technology.

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